Pochampally Silks

Designed to perfection by master weavers with mathematical expertise, Pochampally sarees are the glory of the Telangana region. Gorgeous floral & zoomorphic motifs are rendered in a unique geometric style that gives Pochampally its distinct appearance. Lightweight and comfortable, these sarees are perfect for summer weddings.
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Cherry Red Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 13,320

Ex Tax: Rs. 13,320

Body ColourCherry RedBorder ColourSelfBlouse ColourCherry RedBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Grey Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 12,655

Ex Tax: Rs. 12,655

Body ColourGreyBorder ColourOrangeBlouse ColourOrangeBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Aqua Blue Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 12,655

Ex Tax: Rs. 12,655

Body ColourAqua BlueBorder ColourRoyal BlueBlouse ColourRoyal BlueBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Red Kanchipuram Silk Saree


Rs. 10,660

Ex Tax: Rs. 10,660

Body ColourRedBorder ColourBlackBlouse ColourBlackBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Parrot Green Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 10,125

Ex Tax: Rs. 10,125

Body ColourLime GreenBorder ColourReddish PinkBlouse ColourReddish PInkBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Zari Checked Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 12,655

Ex Tax: Rs. 12,655

Body ColourNavy BlueBorder ColourHot PinkBlouse ColourHot PinkBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Orange Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 16,645

Ex Tax: Rs. 16,645

Body ColourOrangeBorder ColourRani PinkBlouse ColourRani PinkBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Red Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 15,980

Ex Tax: Rs. 15,980

Body ColourRedBorder ColourSelfBlouse ColourRedBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Red Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 7,335

Ex Tax: Rs. 7,335

Body ColourRedBorder ColourAqua BlueBlouse ColourAqua BlueBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Ivory Coloured Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 9,995

Ex Tax: Rs. 9,995

Body ColourIvoryBorder ColourLemon Yellow and BlackBlouse ColourBlackBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Black Pochampally Silk Saree


Rs. 11,990

Ex Tax: Rs. 11,990

Body ColourBlackBorder ColourRed and Pearl WhiteBlouse ColourRedBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..