Symbolic Motifs – Paisley

India's diversity in history and heritage along with its well-developed and multi-faceted visual traditions are expressed in all aspects of material culture. Luxurious textiles were produced in the subcontinent and exported all over the world. Woven silks and shawls along with hand-painted and embroidered pieces of cotton have inspired the world.  The motifs used in the textiles are not just a design element but deeply connected with tradition and ancient heritage. ...

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One of the lightest and finest hand spun, handwoven cotton fabrics is Muslin. And the supplementary weft-work woven into this finest fabric is called as Jamdani.Jamdani is a traditional craft linked to the state of West Bengal and also present-day Bangladesh. The Jamdanis made in West Bengal resemble the traditional designs made in Dhaka.Jamdani weaving is similar to other supplementary-weft handloom weaving techniques, wherein small shuttles of threads are passed through the yarn ...

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