The Great Indian Fabric – Kanchipuram’s Majestic Motifs

Nature has been a source of inspiration for motifs in Kanchipuram silk sarees, and this week’s blog is about one such unique motif, a wish-fulfilling tree or The Tree of Life, also called as Kalpa Vruksha, which was first mentioned in the Rig Veda.Kalpa Vruksha was one of the gems that came out of the ocean during the churning process and is referred to as the Samudra Manthan. It was a special tree which symbolised life and ...

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Manjal Kumkumam Collection 2020

The air reverberates with auspicious musical medleys. The fragrance of fresh flowers and sweet treats envelop you in a warm embrace. The colours of the diyas and decorations are a delight to your eyes. And in this instance, you're transported back to a very special occasion, a sacred ceremony and a joyous festivity.To recreate this magical feeling, we at Sundari Silks put together a yearly collection of subtle yet grand ...

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