Drapes of India – The Maharashtrian Nauvari saree

The astonishing versatility of a saree in India has been expressed by the countless women who wear this garment in different styles. In our blog this month on Drapes of India, we look at the Nauvari saree, the distinctive nine yards saree of Maharashtra. The history and origin of the saree are shrouded in mystery, but the archaeological sculptural references of earlier civilizations show the saree being draped like ‘kacham’ or a dhoti by both ...

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History of Saree

"Six yards of elegance, charm and grace" can be the simplest description of a saree. Ever wondered how long this garment has been a part of our lives? Read along to know... Saree, also known as sari is a traditional attire of Indian women. The name Sari originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Saadi’ which means ‘a strip of cloth’. In sanskrit literature, it is mentioned as Sattika and as Jatakas in ...

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