Caring for your textiles – Part 3

Caring for your textiles requires everyday maintenance. This week’s blog is dedicated especially to understand how to store your silk sarees.   Silks sarees have always been a personal treasure for women, be it a wedding saree or an heirloom handed down to them. Like all the things we love and care for, we need to spend some time to understand the basic structure of a silk saree, to conserve it well. What ...

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The Alluring Ajrakh – A Remarkable Journey

Ajrakh printing is a skilled craftsmanship practised in Gujarat. The traditional hand printing method dates back to 4500 years ago, and the excavations of the Indus valley and the textile fragments found in Fustat, stand testimony to this.The name Ajrakh is derived from the Arabic word ‘Azrak’ which means blue. The art form has influences from Sufiism, in the choice of colours and motifs used for printing. Ajrakh block printing ...

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Eri, The Ahimsa silk

So what is Eri Silk? It is the silk which is produced from the Eri yarn and spun by the silkworm called Samia ricini, and is indigenous to Assam. The Eri silkworm has a unique ability to weave an open-ended cocoon. Since it completes its life cycle and flies away, the resulting yarn from the cocoon is humane, and is thus referred to as the Ahimsa Silk. Eri Silk is one of ...

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