What is a korvai?

The word Korvai in Tamil applies to structured patterns used in music, dance and textiles. In music and dance, it’s about presenting lyrics in rhythmic syllables. In textiles, Korvai is a technique which connects the concepts of contrast and colour between the border and body of a sari.The hallmark of a Kanchipuram sari, Korvai is a design which connects the heavier ply of zari borders to the body of the ...

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Shikargah & Vanasingaram – Woven wonders

The brocades of Banaras are well known for its richly patterned fabrics characterized by the use of gold or silver thread. The highly ornamental silk brocades with gold or silver work in Benares were referred to as Kimkhwab. During the Mughal period (1556-107 CE), the kimkhwabs became popular in Mughal royal workshops called “karkhanas”.Originally the brocades were woven on a drawloom known as "jalla" and the entire supplementary design on ...

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South Indian Wedding Rituals

The wedding season has arrived with festive revelry. The vibrant culture, gleeful rituals and celebrations of great Indian weddings will truly melt one's heart. A smiling bride, anointed in turmeric and Kumkumam, with henna in her hands, colourful garlands on her person, Jasmine flowers adorned on her hair, and clad in a striking pattu pudavai is a sight to behold and cherish.Each outfit in her wedding trousseau is handpicked to ...

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