The Chettinad Wardrobe – Motifs

The remarkable motifs inspired by the architecture of a thousand temples and the natural environment of Kanchipuram may be seen in the most recognised woven patterns of manga, gopuram, rudraksham and kamalam motifs. In the same way, in our Chettinad wardrobe Diwali collection, our weavers bring alive the majesty of Chettinad homes, for the first time, as decorative motifs. Behind the screens – Design board Here’s a glimpse of our creative journey from ...

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The Chettinad Wardrobe

An ode to timeless traditions October 14, 2019 The motifs woven in our silk sarees have always borne special meaning offering insights into our weaving traditions and society at large. The symbols which adorned the temple walls went into our silks to signify auspiciousness. The Gopurams of South Indian temples saw a design equivalent in the borders of a Kanchipuram sari. The symbolic patterns in sculptures were derived as meaningful motifs by the ...

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