Caring for your textiles – Part 2

Caring for your textiles is a series of blogs which focusses on preventive and conservation methods. In our last blog, we discussed the need to know about the composition of fibres and yarns in our collection, storage methods and ways handling of fabrics. Your precious wedding and heirloom sarees need preventive care and maintenance regularly. In addition to being damaged by use, fabrics become fragile due to a lot of external ...

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Muqaish – The metallic embroidery

The craft of embroiders is no less than the art of poets and painters who have defined cultures and civilizations.    This week’s blog is an ode to the shimmering embroidery of Awadh, which is now a part of Uttar Pradesh, but was established as Faizabad in 1722 AD under the Nawabs. Known as Kamdani or Fardi ka kaam, this shimmering embroidery was a part of the rich Lucknowi culture and tradition. The ...

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