Dedicated to a creative lifestyle, where heart and soul are poured into projects in a way that enables new creative skills to enrich your life, these handicraft products are designed. There is a product to every room of your home right from a candle holder, a wind chime to a jewellery box. They are all made of wood and are absolutely eco friendly.

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Wooden Mind challenging brainvita Game


INR 551.00

Ex Tax: INR 551.00

MaterialWood Colour BrownSizeWidth 22 cm x Height 22 cm..

Hand Painted Wooden Showcase Piece


INR 901.00

Ex Tax: INR 901.00

MaterialWood ( 8 pieces )Colour BrownSize1  Width 7 cm x Height 20.5 cm2  Width 16.5 cm x Height 5.5 cm3  Width 4.8 cm x Height 11.5 cm4  Width 4 cm x Height 9 cm5  Width 3 cm x Height 7.5 cm6  Width 2.5 cm x Height 5.5 cm7  Width..

Pith Lord Ganesha


INR 512.00

Ex Tax: INR 512.00

MaterialPithColour Half WhiteSizeWidth 14 cm x Height 19 cm..

Wood Handcrafted Elephant


INR 368.00

Ex Tax: INR 368.00

MaterialWood Colour BrownSizeWidth 11.5 cm x Height 12 cm..

Traditional Wooden Key Holder


INR 806.00

Ex Tax: INR 806.00

MaterialWood ( 6 Hook )Colour BrownSizeWidth 16 cm x Height 33.5 cm..

Handicraft Gemstone Painting Wood Key Hanger


INR 349.00

Ex Tax: INR 349.00

MaterialWood ( 8 Hook )Colour BrownSizeWidth 31.5 cm x Height  18 cm..

Handcrafted Lord Ganesha And Lakshmi


INR 940.00

Ex Tax: INR 940.00

MaterialWoodColour BrownSizeWidth 7 cm x Height  11 cm..

Vintage Metal Motor Bike Miniature Home Decor Show Pieces


INR 1,166.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,166.00

MaterialMetalColour Bronze ColourSizeWidth 25.5 cm x Height 13 cm..

Wooden Jewellery Box


INR 594.00

Ex Tax: INR 594.00

MaterialWood Colour BrownSizeWidth 12.1 cm x Height 17.8 cm..

Traditional Wodden Jar


INR 1,007.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,007.00

MaterialWood Colour Multi ColourSizeWidth 9 cm x Height 12 cm..

Kadamba Wood peacock Decorative Showpiece


INR 1,397.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,397.00

MaterialWood ( 3 Pieace )Colour Multi ColourSizeWidth 12 cm x Height  18 cmWidth 13 cm x Height 9 cmWidth  11 cm x Height 8 cm..

Traditional Wooden Key Holder


INR 965.00

Ex Tax: INR 965.00

MaterialWood ( 9 Hook )Colour BrownSizeWidth 16 cm x Height 33.5 cm..