Without Border Sarees

Without Border Sarees of the Kanchipuram silk sarees are quintessential of every saree lover. It is this kind of traditional saree, that suits any occasion and stands out as a class apart. The distinctive colours and motifs is a charmer across this saree collection.

These sarees come with gold zari, silver zari, pure zari, tested zari and thread.

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Yalli Motif Turquoise Green Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 11,306.00

Ex Tax: INR 11,306.00

Body ColourTurquoise GreenBlouse ColourTurquoise BlueBorder Without BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypeSilver Zari..

Leaf Design Peach Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 10,465.00

Ex Tax: INR 10,465.00

Body ColourPeachBlouse ColourTurquoise BlueBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypeSilver Zari..

Mayil Kazhuthu colour Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 15,107.00

Ex Tax: INR 15,107.00

Body ColourCopper Sulphate BlueBlouse ColourCopper Sulphate BlueBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypePure Zari..

Striped silver Grey Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 10,920.00

Ex Tax: INR 10,920.00

Body ColourGreyBlouse ColourPinkBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypePure Zari..

Paisley Motif Sea Green Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 13,662.00

Ex Tax: INR 13,662.00

Body ColourSea GreenBlouse ColourPinkBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypeTested Zari..

Half and Half Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 9,335.00

Ex Tax: INR 9,335.00

Body ColourPink and GreenBlouse ColourPinkBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypeThread Work..

Annam Motif Multi Colour Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 9,734.00

Ex Tax: INR 9,734.00

Body ColourMulti ColourBlouse ColourPinkBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypeSilver Zari..

Checked Design Multi Colour Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 13,349.00

Ex Tax: INR 13,349.00

Body ColourMulti ColourBlouse ColourPinkBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypePure Zari..

Checked Design Eggplant Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 18,805.00

Ex Tax: INR 18,805.00

Body ColourEggplantBlouse ColourSelfBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypeTested Zari..

Peacock Design Cream Colour Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 12,420.00

Ex Tax: INR 12,420.00

Body ColourCreamBlouse ColourPinkBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypPure Zari..

Vel Motif Pink Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 10,224.00

Ex Tax: INR 10,224.00

Body ColourPinkBlouse ColourNavy BlueBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypeTested Zari..

Leaf Design Orange Kanchipuram Silk Saree


INR 16,512.00

Ex Tax: INR 16,512.00

Body ColourOrangeBlouse ColourMulti ColourBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith BlouseZari TypePure Zari..

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