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With our decades of experience in the textile industry, we supply fabrics specific to your needs by employing various embellishment techniques. Our in-house printing, embroidery and stone-work specialists, come up with an abundance of experience and expertise, ensuring everything is tailor-made to your needs, specifications and occasion.

Vintage Vogue

It was a delightful experience for us as a brand to be a part of The 5th Walking Hand-in-Hand event, a yearly fashion showcase conducted by the CDS Art Foundation, Ahmedabad. We showcased the timeless Kanchipuram weaves in a new avatar, by weaving together a melodious harmony of two contrasting worlds of classic and contemporary.

Naushad Ali x Sundari Silks

Magnificence met minimalism when we collaborated with fashion designer Naushad Ali. Ali. An intriguing interplay between plush patterns and fabrics, this luxe casual men's wear collection is a mirage of charm, comfort and class.

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