Semi Banaras

Banaras sarees have always been in vogue, irrespective of new trends in the saree segment. The Semi Banarasi sarees are exclusive and captivating, notwithstanding a rush of traditional silks in different states across the country. The Banarasi and semi Banarasi Sarees have always stood out on its own as an unique fabric of traditional excellence. They come in different colours with big and small borders.

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Lotus Design Grey Semi Banaras Saree


INR 1,738.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,738.00

Body ColourGreyBorder ColourGreen and BlueBlouse ColourGreenBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Cyan Blue Semi Banaras Saree


INR 1,945.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,945.00

Body ColourCyan BlueBlouse ColourBlueBorderWithout BorderBlouseWith Blouse..

Floral Design Blue Semi Banaras Saree


INR 1,945.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,945.00

Body ColourBlue and IvoryBorder ColourBrownBlouse ColourBlueBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Chevron Design Black Semi Banaras Saree


INR 2,773.00

Ex Tax: INR 2,773.00

Body ColourBlackBorder ColourRedBlouse ColourBlackBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Lotus Motif Pink Semi Banaras Saree


INR 2,011.00

Ex Tax: INR 2,011.00

Body ColourPinkBorder ColourSelfBlouse ColourPinkBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Paisley Design Multi Colour Semi Banaras Saree


INR 1,945.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,945.00

Body ColourMulti ColourBorder ColourBlackBlouse ColourMaroonBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Doted Design Beige Semi Banaras Saree


INR 2,297.00

Ex Tax: INR 2,297.00

Body ColourBeigeBorder ColourPinkBlouse ColourBeigeBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Animal Motif Red Semi Banaras Saree


INR 2,581.00

Ex Tax: INR 2,581.00

Body ColourRedBorder ColourSelfBlouse ColourRedBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Floral Design Black Semi Banaras Saree


INR 2,801.00

Ex Tax: INR 2,801.00

Body ColourBlackBorder ColourSelfBlouse ColourBlackBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Sky Blue Semi Banaras Saree


INR 1,607.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,607.00

Body ColourSky BlueBorder ColourSelfBlouse ColourSelfBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Yellow Semi Banaras Saree


INR 1,883.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,883.00

Body ColourYellowBorder ColourOrange and PinkBlouse ColourYellowBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Orange Semi Banaras Saree


INR 1,883.00

Ex Tax: INR 1,883.00

Body ColourOrangeBorder ColourCream and BrownBlouse ColourOrangeBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..