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Linen Sarees

Derived from the Latin word ‘linum’, which means flax plant, linen was first made 36,000 years ago. Once used as a currency in ancient Egypt, it was a symbol of light and purity, and also a display of wealth. A strong fibre, it is highly absorbent, dries faster than cotton and is preferred in both hot and humid weather conditions. Like most other fabrics, linen can be painted or printed on and lends itself well as the perfect textile for designing sarees with various patterns and palettes. Simple and elegant, it is a favourite drape for occasions and everyday wear.
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Embroidered Work Floral Design Beige Linen Saree


INR 9,483.00

Ex Tax: INR 9,483.00

Body ColorBeigeBorder ColorSelfPallu ColorBeigeBlouse ColorBeigeBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Striped Multicolor Linen Saree


INR 5,433.00

Ex Tax: INR 5,433.00

Body ColorMulticolorBorder ColorSelfPallu ColorMulticolorBlouse ColorMaroonBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Paisley Motif Lemon Yellow Linen Saree


INR 4,655.00

Ex Tax: INR 4,655.00

Body ColorLemon YellowBorder ColorSelfPallu ColorLemon YellowBlouse ColorLemon YellowBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Floral Motif Dark Peach Pink Linen Saree


INR 4,655.00

Ex Tax: INR 4,655.00

Body ColorDark Peach PinkBorder ColorSelfPallu ColorDark Peach PinkBlouse ColorDark Peach PinkBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Light Grey Linen Saree


INR 2,662.00

Ex Tax: INR 2,662.00

Body ColorLight GreyBorder ColorBeigePallu ColorLight GreyBlouse ColorLight GreyBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Checked Multicolor Linen Saree


INR 5,433.00

Ex Tax: INR 5,433.00

Body ColorMulticolorBorder ColorSelfPallu ColorMulticolorBlouse ColorMulticolorBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Dark Moss Green Linen Saree


INR 3,125.00

Ex Tax: INR 3,125.00

Body ColorDark Moss GreenBorder ColorSilver ColorPallu ColorDark Moss GreenBlouse ColorDark Moss GreenBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Checked Blue Linen Saree


INR 5,238.00

Ex Tax: INR 5,238.00

Body ColorBlue Border ColorSelfPallu ColorBlue Blouse ColorBlueBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Floral Design Pastel Pink Linen Saree


INR 4,765.00

Ex Tax: INR 4,765.00

Body ColorPastel Pink Border ColorSelfPallu ColorPastel PinkBlouse ColorGreyBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Diamond Design Pastel Green Linen Saree


INR 4,765.00

Ex Tax: INR 4,765.00

Body ColorPastel GreenBorder ColorSelfPallu ColorPastel GreenBlouse ColorPastel GreenBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Diamond Design Light Peach Linen Saree


INR 4,765.00

Ex Tax: INR 4,765.00

Body ColorLight PeachBorder Color BeigePallu ColorMulticolorBlouse ColorGreyBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

Small Border Checked Blue Linen Saree


INR 3,540.00

Ex Tax: INR 3,540.00

Body ColorBlueBorder ColorSelfPallu ColorBlueBlouse ColorBlueBorderDouble SideBlouseWith Blouse..

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