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The 9 to 5 Tussar Weaves
These artisanal weaves are handcrafted to showcase a range of sarees with a blend of Kosa, Silk, Cotton, Jute and Linen. With a gamut of palettes and textures, ranging from earthy to ethereal and rustic to silken, these drapes are the epitome of casual elegance and are perfect day-to-evening wear.
Symbolic Harmony in Silk
The regal splendour of animal motifs and patterns has strong symbolic connotations in folklore and mythology. A portrayal of aesthetic elegance and cultural grandeur, this timeless representation spun in silk is an ode to the eternal Kanchipuram.

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Curated Collections

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Symphony of Styles
Discover a curation of exquisite weaves and vibrant craftsmanship. The evergreen collection of hand-embroidered blouses, ethnic kurtis, dupattas, and other myriad collectives on fabric showcase elegance and sophistication.
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Melange of Moods
Add a touch of ethnicity to a classic and contemporary narrative. Explore the hand-crafted repertoire of shirts, kurtas and other ethnic collectives in an array of resplendent hues and patterns.
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