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Black & White Collection

Every colour that we see is somewhere between Black and White as per the physical laws. The colours 'Black' and 'White' are the two extreme ends of the colour spectrum. Maybe that's why the 'Black and White' combo is loved by everyone, across all seasons and reasons . With just these two colours, the exploration you can take in terms of style is unmatchable. We are making your life easy here with our curated collections of only 'Black and White' from all sections. Dig into the sea of Black and White.

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Kanchipuram Silks
Organic Cotton
Caring for nature is not a fashion anymore, it is a dire necessity. Opting for organic sarees is an easy way to maintain the balance in our eco-system while we continue to explore our love for clothes. Being fashionable and eco-friendly can be spoken in the same breath now, with the organic sarees trending again. Also, when they are available in such lovely prints, colours and patterns - why would someone not go for it? Explore our Organic sarees section Now!
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Cotton Clutches & Wall Decor
Curated with love, from all over the country, we have handpicked exclusive and exquisite pieces designed to brighten up every corner of your home. Time to infuse your living spaces with a touch of art and a whole lot of stories!
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Weaving Traditions
Sundari Silks has always remained close to its customers, understanding the changing aspirations of the old and new, and continues to give a variety fare, in addition to traditional revivals for special occasions.

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