80 years of crafting tradition and beyond!

A Fabric Interwoven With Culture

What began as a humble attempt to bring forth India's diverse handloom heritage to the world, lead us on a journey of 80 years, and counting. Through the finest fabrics from across the land, the magical hands that work the loom paint a vibrant picture of the life around us. The wisdom and skills of our ancestral legacy date back to the time before our brand was born and has been our guiding light as we forge the path ahead.

The Essence Of An Old-World Charm

The ethereal aura of our showroom transports you to the bygone days of royalty and unhurried luxury. At every step, we have kept up with the times whilst remaining rooted in our values, to ensure that the great Indian fabric regains its charm forever. Our collection of classic yet contemporary works of art are unmistakably Indian but garner an ever-growing global appeal.

The Pioneers Of Craftsmanship

Our handcrafted repertoire of sarees takes you on a journey across the length and breadth of our country. Right from Kanchipuram Silks and Tussar Weaves to Banarasi Brocades and Andhra Printed Drapes, the options are endless. Our products also venture beyond to vibrant ethnic wear, home furnishings, curated handicrafts and vintage artefacts.

We put you, our customers, at the heart of everything we do and find joy in continuously keeping up with your aspirations and sense of taste and style. We welcome you to be part of our eternal endeavour.


The foundation to preserve and propagate our country's diverse weaving heritage was laid by Radha Krishnan Chettiyar.


We became the first to export silk shirts and introduced the concept of sarees with pre-designed blouses. It was also with great pride that we curated a special collection for Her Majesty the Queen of England.


On the lookout to constantly innovate, we were inspired by a close family relative to design the much-beloved Bavanch border.


By being the first to introduce tie and dye techniques on Kanchipuram silks, we incorporated modern designs on traditional drapes.


In an industry-first move, we brought in the barcode system to our shopping process.


The brand Sundari Silks was born, and the first showroom was opened in Chennai.


With an increase in demand and our growing desire to build our weaving repertoire, we opened the Thirucharai unit with 70 looms.


In less than 5 years, our Thirucharai unit saw massive growth and had scope for further expansion.


We started our online shopping portal during this year and simultaneously introduced a one-of-a-kind blouse customisation service.


To keep up with the growing customer base, we opened a new weaving unit at Arani and also introduced the first Kanchipuram linen saree.


It was with immense pride that we opened the doors to our Mumbai showroom in Vile Parle and thus expanding our base to the City of Dreams.


We introduced the concept of weaving bamboo fibre with silk and also expanded our collection to ethnic wear for women, men and kids.


A year of many firsts, right from the incorporation of copper zari in Kanchipuram silk sarees to starting the 2 in 1 Upada & Jacquard technique and to the expansion of our Mumbai showroom.