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4 important tips for stitching the perfect bridal blouse

by Sundari Silks 01 Apr 2022
4 important tips for stitching the perfect bridal blouse

A perfect wedding is every bride’s dream. Though the Wedding Saree is an heirloom treasure that a bride would cherish for the rest of her life, what highlights the six yards of sheer elegance is the blouse that unfolds a story in itself. The Bridal Blouse plays an integral part and should complement your Muhurta-Pattu Pudavai. While Aari work and zardozi is the reigning choice of Embroidered Blouses for brides at the moment, there are many other things that require attention to make it a perfect accompaniment for the saree. Here are a few tips to get the perfect bridal blouse stitched for your big day. 


Blouse Fabric 

Often, brides decide to go with a different blouse fabric rather than the one which comes with the saree. While shopping for the blouse fabric, take the saree along with you to ensure that the colour and texture of the fabric matches the saree. When picking the fabric, it's also important to consider the weather conditions during the month of your wedding. If the wedding is in the winter, a velvet blouse will complement your saree and make you feel comfortable and warm. Whereas if it is a summer wedding, you can choose a silk cotton fabric and have it embroidered.





Taking correct measurements is one of the most important steps in making a bespoke Bridal Blouse. Wear a well-fitted brassiere while going to your tailor to give your measurements. You can also request your tailor to leave a 2 or 3-inch margin inside your blouse, just in case you put on some weight before the wedding. Schedule your final trial not earlier than 2 weeks before the day of the wedding. 



Sleeve length 

The sleeve length of the blouse brings a whole new dimension to your overall look. Instead of following fashion trends blindly, do a little research on your own to understand the kind of sleeves that will flatter your body. Three-fourth and full hand sleeves look good on both slender and broad arms. However, if you have heavier arms, choose sheer fabric for the sleeves such as net, chiffon or georgette. If you have thin arms, you can go for a simple and elegant sleeveless blouse with a neck tie-up at the back. Cap sleeves and puff sleeves look great on pear-shaped bodies as they add volume to the upper body. 




Just like the sleeve length, the neckline of the blouse should be chosen based on your body type. We recommend that brides choose a deep neckline, such as a sweetheart or U-neck, so that the bridal jewellery is properly visible. If you are wearing a boat neck or High Neck Blouse, opt for a long haram instead of a Choker


Shine through in our myriad blouse collection! 

At Sundari Silks, we have our in-house customization and tailoring unit and our services extend beyond blouses to all ethnic ensembles. Each blouse is designed with the intent of being celebrated and is marked not only by technical mastery but by the infusion of handcrafted and thoughtful designs. Be it a traditional Indian wedding trousseau, a contemporary gala, a milestone event, Alankara Blouses will make a perfect statement. To get a well-fitted stunning blouse stitched to your measurements, you can contact us at +91 72003 90299 / +91 99623 68753

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