8 saree colour combinations which are always in vogue

The beauty of a saree lies in how different textures, colours and patterns come together effortlessly in making it. Each colour has a story to tell in its tints and tones and is as interesting as the skill of saree weaving. In this blog, we will walk you through a few evergreen saree colour combinations that are a favourite amongst women of all generations.

Yellow with Pink

Yellow is a cheerful colour that promises bright and beaming days ahead. When paired with a deep hue of pink, they showcase exquisite harmony and evoke a feeling of happiness. Hence this colour combination is much sought for bridal sarees.

Cream with Black

Monochrome sarees speak of elan and sophistication. A jet black border blending into a cream or pearl white silk body creates a striking colour combination that can be worn for both day functions and night parties.

Mayil Kazhuthu with Purple

The two-tone blue and green colour called “Mayil Kazhutu” in Tamil is always complemented best with a purple border. A traditional colour palette, the interplay of the colours adds an extra lustre to the drape.


Green with maroon

The classic colour combination of green and maroon lends a sacred dimension to a saree and carries an abundance of good vibes and prosperity.

Mambazham with maragadha pachai

No matter the weave, the one colour combination that you need to have in your wardrobe is mambazham with maragadha pachai. The decadence of yellow and green when paired together exudes an aura of grandiosity.

Red with blue

This colour combination needs to make it to your top shelf. Bright and dazzling, these shades can be a canvas for traditional gold zari designs and help them stand out.

Thamarai pink with navy blue

Divine and serene, lotus pink colour is an ancient symbol of purity and is a delightful shade that goes along well with a deep shade of blue. Since it is a pastel hue, these sarees are best suited to wear for day functions.

Maroon with gold

Heavenly, iconic and eternal, maroon with gold saree is a timeless colour combination and is a must-have in the wedding trousseau, as it symbolises auspiciousness. A complete expression of style and colour palette go together in creating a maroon Kanchipuram bridal saree with gold brocade design.

Colours are deeply rooted in every facet of our life with defining moods and meanings. At Sundari Silks, we bring to you an exclusive and extensive world of sarees that are woven in spectacular shades and colour combinations.

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