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A Style Guide for Indian Bridesmaids

by Sundari Silks 26 May 2022
A Style Guide for Indian Bridesmaids

Standing by your best friend or sister’s side while they get to marry the love of their life is truly the greatest feeling. We all know that the wedding day is all about the bride but when it comes to looking fabulous, the bridesmaids are a close second. In this blog, we have outlined a few tips for the soon-to-be bridesmaids to help them choose the perfect outfit and Accessories


Colour palette 

Colour coordination is a major touchpoint as it defines the vibe of the wedding. Wear a different colour variation of the bride’s outfit to slightly stand out but not outshine her. For example, if the bride is wearing a violet colour saree, you and the other bridesmaids can choose Sarees in shades of lilac, lavender or pastel pink. However, make sure to showcase your personal style while still maintaining a cohesive appearance for the ceremony and photos.



Choose Comfort

Being a bride is stressful! But being a bridesmaid is more stressful than that. You will have to juggle and coordinate with the wedding planner, the bride’s parents, help the bride with her outfit and so on. Hence it is important for you to stay comfortable. If you are wearing a saree, ensure that it is properly pinned and is not too flowy that you trip over it while moving around. If you sweat a lot, opt for breathable fabrics such as  Venkatagiri Cotton, Silk Cotton or Linen sarees. Wear sandals which won't hurt your feet such as flats or wedges instead of stilettos. 



Makeup and Accessories 

A wedding look is never complete without the perfect makeup, hair and accessories. Whether you are hiring a makeup artist or if you are going to do the makeup on your own, be practical and realistic. Keep in mind that though there may be an army of professionals getting the bride ready, she will need you beside her to give suggestions on the lip colour or the bindi. So it is important that you choose a makeover and hairstyle which won’t take too long to complete. Choose dewy natural makeup, and a simple braid adorned with jasmine flowers which will be ideal for the occasion. Keep a Potli Bag or purse to carry essentials such as tissues, phone and lipstick. 


In Indian marriages, the wedding celebration is not just about building a relationship between the couple but bringing the two families together in nurturing the alliance. Whether you are an aunt to the bride, a bridesmaid or a doting brother of the groom, we have a plethora of options ranging from Traditional Indian Wear to Ethnic Readymades for everyone in the family.  You can explore our “Wedding Collection” at
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