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Add an ethnic and festive vibe to your abode

by Sundari Silks 29 Sep 2021
Add an ethnic and festive vibe to your abode

The season of festivity is finally here where family and friends gather to celebrate the arrival of the new season, which is symbolic of new beginnings in all aspects of life. In Indian culture, we greatly believe that “Adithi Devo Bhava” and it is these customs that add more joy and significance to the celebrations. With Navarathri and Diwali around the corner, it is time to add a traditional touch to our homes and welcome Goddess Lakshmi the bestower of wealth and prosperity. And who doesn't enjoy impressing guests with a tastefully decorated home? Here are a few indigenous handicrafts and artefacts which will mirror the personality of your abode.


Dolls are an essential part of Navarathri celebrations and they evoke many emotions especially the aspect of ‘bhakti’. The utter simplicity and expressive features of the lightweight dolls make them exquisite pieces of art. Cover your golu stand with a simple white dhoti and decorate each step with fairy lights any artificial flower garlands. Now artistically display your dolls in the ascending height order and this will form a striking display for your navarathri golu.


Cushions can fill any room with an abundance of charm and is the perfect armchair accessory. Choose cushion covers in pleasant colours and contrasts based on your interiors. You can also choose from our wide range of cushion covers with mesmerizing embroidery work and glorious colour palettes which will make your spirits soar high.

Wall hangings and Showcase Pieces

A well-stated wall provides a perfect finish to the room, completes the space and also augments the overall look of the room. Vintage, antique and ethereal wall hangings will make for an interesting gallery wall look. Adorn your house with wooden wall panels, wind chimes, family photographs and artistic wall hangings which conveys a story. If you have a separate showcase, play around with creative showcase pieces with an undeniable charm like the ones we have displayed below.

Pooja Room Decor

Homes are incompleted without a mandir where the family prays, meditate and performs pooja. It is a space where you show your gratitude towards the almighty and is filled with positivity and prayers. Decorate your pooja rooms with innate details like a contemporary bell, chandelier, Tanjore paintings and brass lamps to give a calm and poised look overall.

Built on the premise of culture, fueled by the heritage of craftsmanship and brought to life by the desire to care, Sundari Silks celebrates the essence of India. As we look up to the illuminating guiding lights of Navarathri and Diwali, let our homes match the festive mood. Choose from our wide range of decor and accessories to make every corner a sight to behold and celebrate the joy of gifting with our repertoire of indigenous handicrafts and artefacts. Be it wedding favours, celebratory gifts or corporate event souvenirs, we believe that meaningful gifts translate into memories of a lifetime. From product customisation to bulk orders, we are a one-stop destination for all your ethnic gifting needs.

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