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Athirshtam Jewellery - A Silver Style Statement

by Sundari Silks 12 Mar 2021
Athirshtam Jewellery - A Silver Style Statement
A connection forged centuries ago and a love nourished over generations, humankind and jewellery go hand-in-hand since time immemorial. One of the oldest known jewellery is believed to have been made of 100,000-year-old beads and shells. Combing through pages of history, it can be observed that from the very beginning jewellery played a crucial role in civilizations and communities. Made from feathers, bones, shells and coloured pebbles, it served the dual purpose of functionality and beauty. For instance, rings and pendants were used as seals and were also a mark of rank and identity. The notion of assigning a symbolic connotation to jewellery can be traced back to ancient societies, where amulets were said to protect the wearer from bad fortune and illnesses. This tradition and myth have flowed through generations for we still associate luck, fortune with specific jewels and stones.   

But what makes this bond even more special? Over time jewellery started playing a significant role by being a powerful symbol. Apart from its key denotations of beauty and wealth, it also stands for femininity, confidence, divinity and sentimentality. It is also seen as a mark of connection and commitment between 2 people, be it in the form of necklaces or rings. The basic forms may vary across cultures and countries, but the principle behind them has always been the same. The emotional bond between mother and daughter is seen as heirloom jewellery pieces that are passed down and treasured forever. Additionally, it also helps an individual express their personalities and create their unique style statements. A mesmerising and multi-purpose adornment, the importance of jewellery in our lives keeps growing.

Inspired by the diverse traditions and dynamic legacy of our country and after years of R&D, we are delighted to present Athirshtam by Sundari Silks. An eclectic silver jewellery collection, it is equally imbued with cultural and contemporary nuances and is representative of the modern Indian woman. Artisanal, intricate, ornate, it is a world where delightful narratives meet decadent jewellery through handcrafted pieces made from 92.5 silver. Embedded with precious stones and engraved with priceless stories, each of these statement jewellery pieces are a reflection of a woman's eternal beauty and grace. This newly launched collection features necklaces, pendants, jhumkas, stud earrings, bangles, bracelets and rings amongst others.

Our designers and artisans employ an amalgamation of finesse, luxury and aesthetics to bring you a breathtaking array of jewellery. The intricate designs, impeccable detailing and innovative techniques add on to its charm. Just like your drapes, jewellery is no longer restricted to auspicious occasions and special celebrations. The striking yet subtle silver jewellery can be paired with everyday ensembles and can elevate your look in wonderful ways. What better way for a woman to express her persona than sparkling statement pieces that are rooted in tradition yet have a flair for modernity. Explore our exclusive line of silver jewellery, now at our Chennai showroom and online store.
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