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Brides of Sundari - Bridal Saree Inspiration

by Sundari Silks 21 Apr 2022
Brides of Sundari - Bridal Saree Inspiration

Weddings are a treasure chest of fond memories that forever fill our hearts with joy. Various elements come together to make it a perfect day much like the threads and tassels that bring the bridal trousseau to life. The vibrant decorations, gleeful rituals, celebrations and a smiling bride walking down the aisle wearing the Saree of her dreams will truly melt one’s heart. Brides of Sundari is a series of blogs where we feature our stunning brides who serve major bridal look goals. 


Prajanya Weds Sreeram 

Prajanya and Sreeram planned their outdoor wedding around the theme of parrots which symbolises joy and good fortune. The vibrant shades of Pachai kili adorned not only the decor but also Prajanya’s bridal attire. She wore a green vanasingaram Kanchipuram Silk Saree which showcased a variety of forms and figures, including trees, creepers, flowers, birds, animals. Her subtle makeup, temple jewellery and beautiful smile uplifted her entire look. At the crack of dawn,  Prajanya and Sreeram exchanged garlands and embarked on a new chapter in their lives.



Swathy Weds Anend 

From a lotus inspired wedding mandap to serendipitous stories attached to every element of the wedding, Swathy and Anend’s wedding looked straight out of a fairy tale. The lush lotus blooms were the focal point as they are a sign of prosperity and new beginnings. Complementing the decor, Swathy wore a Traditional Muthu Kattam Saree in pink and a simple bun adorned with malli poo. 



Nickita Weds Sudhan 

A wedding beneath the blue skies, at a beautiful beach surrounded by your loved ones! The wedding was as magical as it sounds. Sudan and Nickita sealed the knot of love in a dreamy decor revelling in the warmth of the sun. Understated elegance and unparalleled expertise define the pastel-hued Silk Saree Nickita wore for her muhurtham. The intricate vaira oosi design paired with a plethora of Banaras style motifs added a unique touch to the drape. 



Priyanka Weds Amogh 

Marking the start of a new chapter in their life, Priyanka and Amogh’s wedding took place in a magical setting amongst their loved ones. Honouring their Indian roots and culture, they wore traditional ensembles which were perfectly colour coordinated. Priyanka shined through in a golden jacquard Kanchipuram Silk Saree which she teamed with a contrasting maroon blouse and gold jewellery. 



Our heartfelt gratitude to all the brides for making Sundari Silks a part of their special day and sharing their beautiful stories with us. We wish them all an abundance of love, laughter and happily ever after!  At Sundari, our Wedding Collective combines ethnic roots with a strong sense of aesthetic innovation. Each cherished trousseau piece tells a narrative steeped in history, culture, and legacy, hand-picked to provide meaning to various ceremonies and showcase the newlywed's grace and elegance.

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