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Celebrating A Flavorful Journey with Mrs. Abhirahmi Mahendran

by Sundari Silks 29 Aug 2023
Celebrating A Flavorful Journey with Mrs. Abhirahmi Mahendran

In the tapestry of our 25-year journey, we've had the privilege of crossing paths with remarkable souls like Mrs. Abhirahmi Mahendran. As the Managing Director of Goodness Vanilla, her days are woven with the vibrant threads of responsibility, overseeing each meticulous step of vanilla manufacturing. Stepping into the whirlwind of her duties, her connection with her talented women staff fuels an energy that words can hardly capture. Her interactions with these inspiring women mirror the empowerment that blossoms within those very walls.

Embracing the Elegance of Sarees for Work

A canvas of personal style unfolds when she shares her fashion go-to for a workday – the timeless saree. Draped in comfort and elegance, Cotton Sarees are her choice, embodying the spirit with which she faces the day's challenges.

Threads of Solace: Self-Expression Amidst the Bustle

Amidst her bustling schedule, she discovers moments of tranquility and self-expression. Traditional Sarees are her chosen mode of expression during cultural events and special occasions. The elegance of these sarees transcends time, intertwining stories of heritage and grace.

Timeless Connections: A Journey with Sundari Silks

The journey with Sundari Silks, a cherished one for Mrs. Mahendran, has spanned time. Drawn to the unwavering commitment to quality, each visit is a journey into delightful experiences. The collections mirror the signature designs and traditional opulence that seamlessly resonates with her personal style.

Cherished Memories

Within these memories, a standout moment emerges – the selection of the perfect saree for her daughter's wedding. This experience transformed the store into a haven of emotions and aspirations. From designing to choosing sarees for her daughter and the esteemed wedding  guests, this day remains etched in her memory.

Summing up her impression of Sundari Silks in one word, she offers "Class." This single word encapsulates an ethos that infuses her saree journey with an enduring essence.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, our esteemed patrons have illuminated our path with inspiration. Mrs. Abhirahmi’s journey with us resonates with the elegance and timelessness that our brand strives to epitomize. Here's to 25 years of shared elegance and countless more to come.

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