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Celebrating World Saree Day!

by Sundari Silks 17 Dec 2022
Celebrating World Saree Day!

The world would be a less colourful place without sarees!

Sarees are a significant part of Indian culture and have been for generations. When it comes to fashion, sarees have always been way ahead of their time. Being integral to all occasions and festivities, they personify elegance while asserting comfort and confidence. With myriad colours, patterns, designs, and even the way they are draped, sarees wave the path to stand apart from the crowd.

A multitude of weaves are crafted with a diverse range of fabrics and textures from different origins. From the Silks of Kanchipuram to Paithan and the Cotton Sarees of Bengal to Ahmedabad, each state marks its signature through sarees. Popular as they are in India, sarees are renowned worldwide for the rich culture and heritage that they carry. For many people across the world, sarees are more than just a piece of clothing.

The celebration of sarees essentially marks the celebration of the weavers who honed this craft through generations to enhance our experience. The sarees establish a bond between the weaver and its wearer. With their drapery guiding the wearers through the creativity, joy, and struggle that went into the craft, sarees facilitate a powerful exchange of emotions.

After thousands of years into the existence of sarees, we are witnessing their evolution into a treasure trove of artistic expressions. Sarees have evolved over the years to reflect societal changes and the changing needs of women. They accommodate endless possibilities of experimentation owing to their versatility. Statement blouses, belts, and an exotic blend of weaves ranging from colour blocks to monochromatic ones, to name a recent few. With far more evolution to witness, sarees continue to provoke a feeling unparalleled by any other article of clothing.

Let's continue to pass on the pride of sarees in all their glory! Drape a Saree and Style it in your personal way to celebrate this special day.

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