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Fashion Fiestas: TGIF Edition

by Sundari Silks 05 Mar 2021
Fashion Fiestas: TGIF Edition
1 Drape. 29 States. Countless Names. The Great Indian Fabric travels beyond boundaries and cultural diversities, existing in different forms in different regions. What is known universally as the saree, is fondly called by a multitude of names across India and is draped in a multitude of styles by women across all generations. 
The six yards of fabric is always in vogue and has an unbreakable bond with the women of our country. While traditional draping styles are greatly revered, it is possible to see the saree in a new light while retaining its charm and grace. With the changing times, the palettes, patterns and pleats of the drape have also evolved, making it a preferred pick for any and every occasion. Join us as we take you some of the most beloved and trending styles when it comes to your saree, be it in the form of draping techniques, blouse design or accessories.

Draping Styles
  • A mix-and-match approach where you can complement a solid coloured saree with a contrasting dupatta featuring intricate handiwork.  
  • Take your styling game up a notch and pair your drapes with a jacket. This is a great way to incorporate colours, textures and prints into your saree look.  
  • Wear flared trousers, jeans or straight cut printed pants, and drape your saree in fun ways over it. Make sure the pants are visible and prominent in this ensemble. 
  • An interesting style is to drape the saree in such a way that it gives an illusion of wearing a scarf. Comfortable and chic.  
  • Flowy lace and chiffon sarees with ruffled pallus are playful fashion fiestas of the '80s and '90s that are making a comeback today.

Blouse Styles
  • Be it the puffed sleeve, high neck, halter neck or low back blouses, these bold saree trends capture the best of both worlds. Old school charm meets new-age flair. 
  • Square necklines and sleeveless designs in blouses are a great option for hot and humid climates. They are airy as well as aesthetically appealing.  
  • Contemporary blouses in the style of crop tops, printed shirts and even t-shirts are a great way to showcase a modern approach to a traditional attire. Plus, it also vouches for the cause of sustainable living where one piece of clothing can be repurposed for multiple outfits. 
  • Cape-style blouses are all the rage amongst saree enthusiasts. Staying true to its name, it resembles a delicate and dreamy cape and usually features over the pallu. Adorned with intricate embroidery and handiwork, it's a perfect pair for pastel coloured sarees. 
  • Gone are the days when the only decorative feature on the blouse seemed to be a drawstring tied at the back. The options today are endless. From tassels, bows to mirrorwork and lace, there is a world of embellishments for you to dive into it.  
  • No saree look is complete without statement jewellery pieces which range from traditional gold and silver jewellery, vintage-inspired pieces to unconventional, bold, minimalist and modern trinkets. 
  • The best way to elevate your saree style is to accompany it with the right bag. What you carry has to be convenient yet classy, and can vary from clutches, handcrafted potlis and even satchel bags for work. 
  • Moving beyond the frequented choice of accessories are the belts, gloves, sashes, scarfs and brooches. Apart from adding an interesting twist to your outfit, they also help add a personal touch by reflecting your persona.  
  • Last but not least, is hair accessories. This includes the nethi chutti or maang tikka, French combs, headbands, tiaras and even the simple yet stunning fresh flowers. Depending on your look, you can choose from an assortment of options.  
By adding their personal touches and flavour, women have made the Great Indian Fabric an evergreen style statement and a wardrobe essential. While trends come and go, how you interpret them stays on with you forever, as your personal style. For more updates on saree trends, styles and fashion hacks, follow #TheGreatIndianFabric series on our social media pages. 
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