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How to Style a Monochrome Saree

by Sundari Silks 06 Aug 2021
How to Style a Monochrome Saree

Monochrome sarees have become a fantastic fashion statement. They are a safe bet when you are looking for a classy and sophisticated look. Wearing a one tone colour may appear dull or boring, but you can create an exciting wardrobe for every occasion. Here are some best ways to style a monochrome saree

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Skin Tone

Choose a colour that complements your skin tone and flatters your figure. Pick dark colours like red, blue, bottle green, black, and violet if you have a light complexion. Try earthy tones like brown, green, yellow, or maroon if you have a medium skin tone. If you have a dark complexion, aim for brighter hues such as orange, cobalt, or gold.

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Colours of the same palette

While a saree of the same colour and blouse may look stunning, you can also style the saree with colours from the same family. If your saree has a warm colour, stick to a blouse that has the same warm hue. Throw a pop of colour in your wallet, handbag, footwear or jewellery.

Mix Textures

To make your monochrome appearance more intriguing, mix textures. Try combining a green Kanchipuram saree with a Banarasi brocade blouse or a silk cotton top with vibrant patterns. Alternatively, you can layer a textured jacket over your saree to break up the look while still blending in. When you mix the same colour clothes in different textures, it gives a new perspective to the look.

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Accentuate the right areas

Pick a colour that will highlight the parts of your body that you consider your assets. Pay attention to where the light and dark colours are when wearing a single colour in varied tones. You can also wear a belt to draw attention to your waist while also adding some shape and structure.

Maintain balance

Maintaining a balance is very important. Do not add too many shades of the same colour to all your accessories. For example, if your saree is already grand, just wear statement earrings. Keep the look simple and understated. If you are wearing a yellow saree, pair it with nude footwear and a tan bag.

Monochrome is popular because of its minimalism. It promises to be attractive, timeless, and versatile. It can be a great addition to your wardrobe if styled tastefully. Don't forget to accessorize your clothing with attractive accessories that will create a big impact. At Sundari Silks, we have a wide range of monochrome sarees designed with a strong sense of aesthetic innovation. You can also explore our exclusive line of silver jewellery which are striking and can elevate your look in wonderful ways.

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