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Kids' Pavadai Sattai Styling Ideas

by Sundari Silks 05 Jul 2022
Kids' Pavadai Sattai Styling Ideas

From endless fun to fragrant feasts, the festive and wedding season gives more than one reason to deck up the little ones. And what better than Pavadai Sattai imbued with the radiating colours of celebrations? A splendid ensemble for the tiny tots to twirl around, there are umpteen ways you can style it. From exploring different colours to experimenting with different necklines and sleeves, here are some pavadai sattai styling ideas for you to try.


Fabric plays a very important role whenever you purchase any Outfit for a Kid. No matter how beautiful the ensemble is, if they are not comfortable, they will probably not want to wear it. Silk is the best fabric when it comes to pavadai sattai for grand occasions. However, you can opt for cotton or Silk Cotton Pavadai Sets for small functions, temple visits or poojas at home. While selecting the fabric, take into account factors such as the time of the occasion (morning or evening), duration (a few hours or longer than that), and weather (sunny or cold). If it is a summer wedding, pack a cotton pavadai set to the venue, so that she can change out of her silk pavadai after a few hours.

Colours and Patterns

They live in a world of their own,  a colourful world of patterns and happy stories. Hence the colours and patterns they wear should also mirror their excitement and playfulness. Pick bright and cheerful colour combinations such as maroon and green, blue and pink, green and orange etc. When it comes to designs, there are a lot of options such as Kalamkari, Ikat, Pochampally, checks and stripes. For the morning function, you can go with gold or copper zari and for the evening occasion, you can go for silver zari with pastel colours.

Blouse Design

This is where you can get all creative. Puff sleeves, 3/4th sleeves, peplum tops, boat neck, collar neck, and fashionable back tie-ups are a few sleeve and neck designs with which you can experiment. Try incorporating fun elements associated with the occasion through embroidery work. For instance, an aari work blouse with flower pots, mathappu, and lamps will look creative and lovely for Diwali.

In our Pongal Edition 2021, we launched a limited collection of Readymade Pavadai Sattai Sets with elements of Pongal such as sugarcane, kolam design, sun and paddy fields. You can also take inspiration from that collection to stitch your little princesses blouse.


Depending on the zari and colour of the pavadai, you can select Jewellery such as anklets, bangles, necklaces and nethi chutti. Plastic or thread work bangles will look great on kids. If your little one is too young, avoid expensive jewellery as they can lose it while playing around. Keep accessories minimal and complete the look with a cute hairstyle using colourful clips and hair bands.

We hope you find these styling tips useful.  Keep checking this space for many more styling ideas. Brighten up the smiles on your tiny tot’s face through our collection of readymade and Unstitched Pavadai Sattai Sets which are woven with lots of love. You can explore the collection here.

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