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Naran - Wedding Collection for Men

by Sundari Silks 03 Dec 2021
Naran - Wedding Collection for Men

Indian wedding rituals trace back to at least five thousand years, based on Vedic traditions. Each Indian wedding carries the essence of our culture and tradition through the ceremonies, food, decoration and Wedding Wear. The wedding outfits to be worn by the to-be bride and groom are an integral part of the wedding and are chosen at an auspicious time. While a lot of thinking goes into creating the perfect wedding trousseau for the bride, the groom’s wedding trousseau should also be given equal importance so that he matches the vibe of his partner.

Keeping this in mind, we at Sundari Silks, have come up with an exclusive range of auspicious ensembles for men to look incredible on their wedding day. From Luxurious Dhotis to silk shirts, each piece of clothing in this range is a perfect amalgamation of ethnic roots and style.

Naran - Indian Groomswear collection weaves a sentimental narrative while giving a fresh and unique appearance to the wedding attire. While modern brides have started embracing pastel silks, grooms have also started preferring to add subtle design elements that enhance the plain dhoti and shirt. The colour of gold or Hiranya which is considered sacred is generously woven in the Pattu Veshti and Sattai and shimmers subtly while emanating an old-school charm.  Here is a glimpse of our collection.


A wedding dhoti should be interwoven with beautiful hues, vibrant festivities and a whole lot of magic, just like the bride’s saree. A classic and signature design that we have captured in our wedding dhotis is the ritual of the bride leaving in a doli which concludes the wedding rituals. A tradition that symbolises the mixed emotions of a bride’s family as their little princess is about to start her happily-ever-after with her husband. The Pure Silk Dhoti serves as a canvas for this meaningful scene to be hand-embroidered and gives a rustic and royal feel.



White is a symbol of simplicity and purity and is renowned for its traditional and auspicious aura. Our wedding silk shirts are stunning statement pieces that exude sophistication and make a striking impression with their rich yet minimal gold zari embroidery work giving a touch of timeless elegance.



While masks have become an integral part of wedding attire, they should not stop you from looking your best on your wedding day. Hence our wedding collection also consists of masks woven in silk to add more style to your ensemble.

Weddings are a treasure chest of fond memories that forever fill our hearts with joy. Various elements come together to make it a perfect day much like the threads and tassels that brings the wedding trousseau of the bride and groom to life. These are just a few of the designs from our Wedding Collection for Men. Keep watching this space for more exquisite dhotis and shirts.

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