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Occasion Wear - Sarees For Every Festivity

by Sundari Silks 14 Feb 2020
Occasion Wear - Sarees For Every Festivity

As we enter a new decade, we see stronger, surer and more empowered women who are fashion conscious. Her life is busy, involved, has many cultural facets, and she wants garments that are embedded in evoking a memory iconic to India. The Occasion Wear launch comes in response to customer demand to embrace changes pertaining to the current times. If it is a saree, it has to be aesthetic but should also remain versatile, practical and functional. And it has to stand out in a crowd through its classic finesse!

With social media seeping into every sartorial nook, for every festivity and celebrations, the Occasion Wear carries a message now. Be it wedding anniversaries, Karva Chauth, birthday parties, wedding functions, or corporate events, unparalleled expertise is required to plan your choice.

Customers appreciate Indian traditional wear but have a cosmopolitan sense of style. The carefully curated Occasion Wear showcases an elegant and refined collection; new combinations in terms of materials and colours which add a contemporary touch to the ensemble. The sarees chosen are a great drape, easier to wear and maintain, and are durable too.

This special collection features Banaras Tussars, gold tissue sarees with Gota-Patti work, Kalamkari applique work on Kanchipuram silks, pure organzas with hand embroidery, Tussar silks with Kantha and Ari embroidery, and so much more.

In an Occasion Wear saree, the focus remains on the decorative ornamentation on the fabric. The surface ornamentation is achieved by a unique weave or a special surface design that embellishes the saree.

Block prints like Ajrakh and Dabu, tie and dye patterns like Bandini and Shibori, painted textiles like Kalamkari and Madhubani fit well in the surface ornamentation of the Occasion Wear. The hand and machine embroidery with metallic yarns, sequins, beads, crystals and thread are used to showcase elaborate patterns. Enticing base colours from deep mustards to soft pink, cheery blues to tangy orange, shimmering tissues in gold and silver accentuates the embellishments.

In this special edition, we would like to highlight the Gota-Patti work as the decorative ornamentation. The metallic embroidery becomes an integral part of the design process, making it versatile and timeless, and a favourite in the millennial wardrobe.

Gota-Patti, the traditional handcraft of the royal families, is a must-have in the Occasion Wear collection. The gold and silver lace from Lucknow is actually a metallic lace made with a combination of metal yarn and fabrics, woven like ribbons. These ribbons are used as lace trims on the borders of Chiffons, Georgette, Tussars and Crepe sarees. It is also made into small Gota circles, which are stitched along with hand embroidery on the ensemble.

Each and every saree in this edit bears the fingerprint of the artisans who have inherited skills in order to revive dying art practices, and aims to make sure that every occasion of yours becomes extra special!


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