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Onam saree styling ideas

by Sundari Silks 13 Aug 2022
Onam saree styling ideas

Onam is just around the corner and it is that time of the year when we take out our classic white and gold saree from the wardrobe. There is always beauty in simplicity and an Onam saree is a living testament to it. The drape perfectly balances style and sophistication. In this blog, we will walk you through a few blouse styles that you can wear this Onam with your Kerala saree.

Banarasi Brocade Blouse

The key element in creating a flattering look while wearing contrasts is to create a pleasing harmony between the blouse and the saree. The rich brocades from Banarasi in vibrant hues of blue, maroon, green, and orange are a perfect accompaniment to the Onam saree. They not only bring a pop of colour to the ensemble but also adds a touch of royalty and luxury. You can play around with different necklines and styles such as boat neck, cold-shoulder, full hand sleeves and puff sleeves.

Onam saree styling ideas Onam saree styling ideas

Velvet Blouse

Velvet blouses are truly an epiphany where the classic and contemporary worlds collide. They radiate a glamorous vibe effortlessly and are a great pick if you are looking for an edgy look. Colours such as violet, fuchsia pink, brown, maroon, and emerald green will blend in seamlessly with your Kerala saree. Complete the outfit with gold plated jhumkas and a necklace for a traditional look.

Onam saree styling ideas Onam saree styling ideas

Hand-painted or Printed Blouses

If understated elegance is your kind of game, then hand-painted or block-printed blouses are a fantastic choice for you. From Bagru, and Pichwai to Kalamkari and Ajrakh, there are a variety of blouses which you can team with an Onam saree. The finesse and intricacy of these prints will win hearts in an instant and are all that you need if you want to sport a soignee look this Onam. High neck, halter neck and elbow sleeves are a few styles you can explore.

Onam saree styling ideas Onam saree styling ideas

The Classic Gold Blouse

Nothing can beat the majestic aura that a gold colour blouse brings to the Kerala saree. If your heart leans towards a minimalistic yet traditional look this Onam, pick a gold colour blouse. You can choose a plain gold blouse, a gold blouse adorned with red and green stones or a gold sequinned blouse. No matter what you select, the blouse is going to be extremely versatile and can be paired with many other sarees besides the Onam saree.

Celebrate the vibrancy and vividness of Onam with our special collection of sarees and pavadai sets which reflect the true spirit of the cultural heritage and traditions of Kerala. At Sundari Silks, we also have an exclusive line of readymade and unstitched blouse materials - Alankara. Our new collection of hand-painted and hand-embroidered blouses is handcrafted by our in-house artisans. They are involved right from the conceptualization of the design till the final finish of the blouse, which includes - sketching, hand painting and embroidering.  These blouses are marked not only by technical mastery but also by the infusion of handcrafted and thoughtful designs. You can explore our blouse collection at

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