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Popular gemstones and their meanings - Part I

by Sundari Silks 26 Aug 2022
Popular gemstones and their meanings - Part I

Gemstone jewellery has always been renowned for centuries across the world. In addition to the beauty they exude, each stone has its own unique attributes, healing properties, significance, and benefits. In this week's blog, we will delve into the meanings and symbolism of a few glistening gemstones.


Ruby often called the “King of Gems” is the colour of intense emotions such as love, anger, passion and happiness and is derived from the word Ruber which means Red in Latin. It is believed to hold the power of life and is one of the most historically significant coloured stones. The most rarest rubies are from Myanmar, due to their high quality, making them the second most sought gemstone after diamonds. By wearing this stone, a person can overcome his fear of being unloved and learn to love oneself more.

Popular gemstones and their meanings - Ruby Popular gemstones and their meanings - Ruby


The precious emerald stone is also known as the “Stone of successful love”. It is controlled by the planet Venus and aids in fertility. The stone stands for, grace, compassion, and kindness -the three traits that most people would aspire to have. As the stone emits the purest form of the green ray, it is said to be beneficial for heart and chakra healing by infusing freshness and vitality.

Popular gemstones and their meanings - Emerald Popular gemstones and their meanings - Emerald


If you are looking forward to a fresh start and ready to let go of all the negativity in your life, Jade stone can help you in the process. It is referred to as the "lucky stone" and represents tranquillity and purity. It cleanses the aura and is often given as a gift to children at their birth as it is believed to shield them from negativity and fights off evil spirits.

Popular gemstones and their meanings - Jade Popular gemstones and their meanings - Jade


Do you often feel like you have less energy and you allow the world's negativity to drag you down? Then the garnet stone which is also known as the “protection stone”, may be the ideal choice for you as it brings with it a dose of cheerfulness and positivity. Derived from the Latin word “Granatum” which means “Pomegranate”, the stone gets its name due to its brilliant colour which looks similar to the seeds of the fruit. It is believed that this stone will open up new possibilities and also promotes self-love, and confidence and attract love.

Popular gemstones and their meanings - Garnet Popular gemstones and their meanings - Garnet


The calming energy possessed by the Amethyst stone is the reason why it is one of the most preferred stones by millennials. The stone also supports healthy skin and relieves chronic headaches. There is a very interesting story as to why the Amethyst stone is purple in colour. One day, the Greek God Bacchus was in a fury and swore that he would unleash tigers on anybody who crosses his path. On the same day, AMethyst decided to pay a visit to Goddess Diana's shrine and pray to her. It was unfortunate that Amethyst decided to take the same path where Bacchus was sitting restlessly. When the tigers saw Amethyst, they were ready to pounce on her. But Diana saved Amethyst and transformed her into a clear crystal. Ashamed by his behaviour and realising how one’s rage can affect others, Bacchus poured a glass of grape juice on the crystal as an offering. The crystal took on the colour right away, giving it its distinctive purple hue.

Popular gemstones and their meanings - Amethyst Popular gemstones and their meanings - Amethyst

Please take note that this article only focuses on the significance and characteristics of these well-known gemstones. To find out which gemstone is best for you, kindly get in contact with a Gemologist.

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