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Conversations with Sundari Patrons ft. Saraswathi Raman

by Sundari Silks 19 Oct 2022
Conversations with Sundari Patrons ft. Saraswathi Raman

Opening up a new chapter of conversations, we are thrilled to feature our Sundari Patrons, 6 inspiring women who have a long-standing relationship with Sundari Silks. The common thread that unites them is the emotional bond they share with us. Most of them, have been our customers since the very beginning and have played a huge part in making our journey so beautiful. When we reached out to these 6 remarkable women, they were more than happy to pose graciously in our Diwali Collection and also chatted with us about their love for sarees, personal style and nostalgic memories with Sundari Silks.

Presenting to you, our first patron,  Mrs. Saraswathi Raman. She is an ardent Carnatic music enthusiast, yoga practitioner and saree connoisseur. She loves a cup of strong-filter coffee, her Kanjivaram Silk Sarees and cuddling her grandchildren.

Here are a few excerpts from the chat session.

How did your tryst with Sundari Silks begin?

When I was young, I used to buy sarees from Mr. Rajaram’s father’s shop. Then Rajaram and I  became quite good friends. When he opened Sundari Silks, I simply fell in love with his collections because they were so classy and elegant. Whenever I visit the store even today, I just go around and pick sarees off the racks on my own. He always gives me that freedom. So that is how my journey with Sundari Silks began.

What makes you come back and purchase from us?

The one thing that I love the most about Sundari Silks is that even when they create something contemporary, there is always a touch of tradition which makes their sarees so exclusive. The quality, designs, texture everything is so beautiful that I can definitely just pick at least 10 sarees on the go.

Tell us about a special memory with Sundari Silks.

Sundari Silks has been a part of every special occasion in my life. Be it my kids growing up or their weddings, every Pattu Pavadai and Saree has been picked only from Sundari. Recently we had an upanayanam function for my grandson. For that, I altered an old pavadai set that belonged to my daughter to my granddaughter's size.  Everyone at the event asked me where I purchased that pavadai from. I told them very proudly that I got it from Sundari Silks.

What is your personal style? Do you like any saree trends?

My style is very subtle and classy. I like my sarees to be traditional yet slightly contemporary. I also prefer my material to be thick, especially Kanjivarams. Since I am tall, I like sarees which have a good length and fall so that I can keep my pallu long. Sundari Silks Sarees are actually very long so I am very comfortable wearing them.

Favourite purchase from Sundari Silks.

All my sarees are very special. But I think my favourite saree is a Jacquard Weave in simha colour with a maroon border. I got it for my husband’s 60th birthday (Shashti Abda Poorti). It is such a beautiful saree that my family warded evil eyes off me (laughs).

Describe your experience with us in one word.

Just Awesome.

We had a great time chatting with Mrs. Saraswati Raman and we hope to be a part of many more special occasions in her life.

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