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Styles of Summer: Saree Styling Ideas - Part II

by Sundari Silks 12 May 2022
Styles of Summer: Saree Styling Ideas - Part II

Long laidback days with golden-hued sun rays, warm breezes, and sweet melodies from the birds on the trees are sure signs that summer is here! For years long gone and as far as one can remember, the six yards of elegance has been a Summer Staple for women across the country, for it offers the benefits of being breezy, breathable and comfortable for the tropical weather we live in. In this week’s blog, we will share a few exciting fashion trends which you can adopt this summer. 


Maheshwari Cotton 

An Indian woman’s wardrobe is never complete without the addition of a Maheshwari Saree. Subtle in appearance, it carries an aura of simplicity and grace for the wearer. Pair your Maheswari drapes with a contrast sleeveless blouse and cinch it at the waist with a belt. You can jazz up the ensemble by draping it in a contemporary manner as shown in the picture below. Complete the look with a watch, statement Earrings and ponytail. 


Venkatagiri Cotton Saree 

Venkatagiri Sarees are highly revered and have an auspicious aura around them. The aesthetics of the saree is such that it can suit the mood for a variety of events. An interesting spin to this Traditional Saree is by draping it in a dhoti style. Pair the saree with an airy square or round neckline and sleeveless designs to beat the heat. Talking of sandals, a good pair of stilettos will never go out of style! 


Kota Doria 

Summer calls for light fabrics and there is no fabric lighter and more comfortable than kota Doria. They are one-of-a-kind hand-woven sarees with a distinctive square-checkered pattern. Perfect for brunches and work meetings, choose a pastel shade saree and pair it with a collared neckline shirt or blouse. Style with minimal Accessories such as small Silver Jhumkas or Rings


Chanderi Cotton

Wearing wonderful textures of soft fabric is pure bliss. This experience can truly be felt when draping a light and gentle saree such as Chanderi Cotton. Pair your Chanderi weaves in mellow tones with bright Printed Blouses (spaghetti, halter neck, tasselled), bohemian style Jewellery, fresh flowers and oversized sunglasses for a chic and classy look. 


Indian summers are synonymous with wearing Cotton Clothing and hence we bring to your Sundari’s novel Classic Cotton Collective. Every weave unfurls a story from the region of its origin. Explore our versatile collection featuring traditional and contemporary motifs and a melange of palettes that will add grace to your everyday ensemble. 


While fashion trends come and go, how you interpret them stays on with you forever, as your personal style statement. Stay updated on the season’s trends by following our hashtag  #SundariStyleStatement on Instagram.
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