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The Famous Five - Motifs of Indian Jewellery

by Sundari Silks 20 Jan 2023
The Famous Five - Motifs of Indian Jewellery

An ensemble is never complete without the precious presence of a fine piece of jewellery. It helps accentuate the fabric and colour of an outfit and it complements or articulates the style you have picked out. Fairly often, it even works alone to create a statement look. Being the first thing we notice when we examine a jewellery, the motifs distinguish each of these fineries and give them meaning.

Let’s contemplate on the five most popular motifs of Indian Jewellery and their significance.

Goddess Lakshmi

Kemp Stone And Matte Finishing Lakshmi Pure Silver Earrings

The Goddess of prosperity is seated on the majestic lotus and she invites good luck and wealth.

Often featured in all traditional jewellery, Goddess Lakshmi signifies the richness in our lives. It is believed that luck follows the woman who adorns herself with the likeness of Lakshmi. She adds her beautiful presence to the jewellery as a stand-alone theme or as Gajalakshmi, surrounded by her white elephants.

A single Necklace or a Pair of Earrings simply featuring Goddess Lakshmi would complete your ethnic look as a statement piece that speaks volumes in elegance. The traditional coins used in Jewellery like Pendants, Earrings, and the classic Kaasu maalai also feature coins that bear the motif of Lakshmi on either side, with her overflowing pot of Gold or with Elephants by her side.

Peacock or Mayil

Semi Precious Ruby And Emerald Stones Jal Work Peacock Design Pure Silver Necklace Pure Silver With Oxidized Finishing Red And Green Kemp With Polki Stone Peacock Design Zumki

The peacock is a common motif in traditional Indian jewellery. The birds are the height of beauty and opulence with their exquisite plumage. The presence of the bird represents the subconscious being illuminated by wisdom.

Peacocks are revered in South Indian tradition as Lord Muruga’s Vahana(Divine Vehicle), the deity of war, love, and triumph. These birds have always maintained a special place in the hearts of our people and are a vital part of Indian mythology. They also represent the bud of love, therefore peacock-themed jewellery is a must-have for any Indian bride's trousseau.

Swans or Annam

Pure Silver With Oxidized Finishing Turquoise Blue And Polki Stone With White Pearl Kundan Work Earrings White And Green Pearl Swan Design Pure Silver Jhumkas

According to legend, a majestic white bird that descended from the skies was known as the Annapakshi or Divine Swan. The Annam, a common theme and recognised as the South Indian cultural icon, symbolises the virtue of purity. It is portrayed carrying a blossoming vine in its beak while sporting flowing plumage.

It is believed that wearing the Annam will bestow luck and protection to the wearer. Being the Vaahana of Goddess Saraswati, the epitome of wisdom and beauty, the bird is considered to have the power to select reality over delusion. The traditional Annam bejewels the pendants, Haarams, and earrings with a beauty beyond compare.

Fish or Meen

Fish Design Red And White Stone Pure Silver Earrings

The fish, also known as Meen, is a common motif in south Indian jewellery. It symbolises safety and was most frequently modelled after the Matsaya Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Hindu legend holds that the Matsya both seeded life on earth and saved the first human, Manu.

The fish also denotes Meenakshi, the Meen Vizhiyal, in south India. She established her heavenly rule over Madurai as the queen of the Pandyas and was the consort of Lord Shiva in his avatar as Sundarewarar. The Meen motifs grace your Collection of Jewellery with its unique charm.

Lotus Flower or Thamarai

Lotus Design Pure Silver Jhumkas With Kundan Stones Pure Silver Lotus Jhumkas

Indian jewellery frequently features floral themes, but the Thaamarai or Lotus blossom demands special attention. The lovely flower has a long history in Hindu mythology and Indian culture. The lotus is a representation of good fortune, abundance, perpetual life, and enlightenment.

Many Hindu gods and goddesses, as well as Buddha, are portrayed to hold this divine flower. Given their divine purity, this pristine beauty that rises above the murky waters is often depicted as a throne for the Goddesses. With the power of versatility, the lotus flower motif is a must-have for your wardrobe that goes well with both ethnic and contemporary themes of clothing.

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