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The Opulence of Organza

by Sundari Silks 28 Aug 2020
The Opulence of Organza
From the vintage moments of the Victorian era, Organza was considered to be one of the prettiest fabrics with a powerful feminine allure. Its name has been derived from the term "Organzine", which is a material made from strong silk fibres twisted into strands. The word Organza first came into use during the Middle ages where it was integrated into Italian and French languages as "organzano" and "organsin" respectively. The silk markets in Turkey was one of the most prominent places in the world where this fabric was sold.

A wonder on weaves

An organza silk saree is more than just a classic weave. It embodies grace, luxury and unparalleled finesse that is hand-crafted from the handloom. Originally woven from silk or nylon, polyester threads are also used in these creations to incorporate greater tensile strength and a gossamer finish. The yarns are first combed through and treated with acid to add crispiness. Then the strands are tightly twisted and woven to provide its famed sheen and texture. An organza weave is actually strong despite its delicate and smooth appearance.

It is said that draping an organza saree is as ethereal as wearing a diamond ring on your finger. It is due to this reason that it extensively used in wedding trousseaus, evening wear and occasion wear.

Trendsetter on Threads

An organza saree has been around for a long time but has still managed to carve a special place in the hearts and wardrobes of women from different cultural backgrounds. Owing to its naturally gorgeous appearance in pastel palettes and brilliant shades, this drape features multiple embellishment techniques like exquisitely embroidered threads, floral motifs, and vivid patterns.


Drape it Right

An organza saree is a fabric that requires extra attention to detail while draping. The key is to accentuate the fall of the saree to complement your ensemble. Here are some tips to help you drape an organza saree perfectly.
1. The more you pleat or fold an organza saree, the more it expands at the turns. To get a beautifully streamlined profile, remember to reduce the number of pleats.
2. Leave the pallu gracefully hanging over your shoulder and do not fold or pin it up.

Synonymous with myriad hues and patterns found in nature, organza sarees will wrap you in an air of elegance and ease for any occasion. At Sundari Silks, we present to you our specially curated collection of the trendy organza saree in all its glory.


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