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The Timeless Charm of Pattu Pavadais

by Sundari Silks 22 Apr 2023
The Timeless Charm of Pattu Pavadais

Their eyes sparkled with joy as they looked at themselves, and they couldn't help but twirl around, watching their skirts flare out in a perfect circle. It was a special occasion, and little girls were excitedly getting dressed in their pavadai sattai set. The sound of their anklets jingling and the soft rustle of their skirts

Running around with their friends, playing and laughing, they felt free and comfortable. The feeling of wearing this special dress on an occasion was something that they would always cherish, a sense of tradition, elegance, and pride that they would carry with them throughout their lives.

In a land rich with cultural heritage, the tradition of dressing up little girls in Pattu pavadai has stood the test of time. In this blog, let us walk through the various fabrics you can dress your little ones with!

Pattu Pavadai

One of the most popular fabrics used to make Pattu Pavadai is silk. The lustrous fabric of great durability, is available in a wide range of colors and prints. The traditional zari work, which uses gold or silver threads to create intricate designs perfectly fitting into weddings and other formal occasions, as it exudes elegance and sophistication.

Comfy Cottons

Cotton is another popular fabric. Lightweight and comfortable, it is perfect for Everyday Wear. Cotton pavadai set comes in a range of prints, from floral to geometric, and it is often embellished with embroidery or lace to add a touch of uniqueness. It’s a great choice for casual occasions, such as family gatherings or picnics.

Latest Additions

In recent years, designers have started experimenting with new fabrics for adorable fits. Georgette, Banrasai, Kalamkari cottons are some of the latest additions into the lively world of Pattu pavadais.

Prints are an important aspect of Pattu pavadai, as they can add a pop of color and personality to the dress. Floral prints are a timeless choice for Pattu pavadai, as they exude femininity and grace. Geometric prints, such as stripes or checks, are a great choice for a contemporary look.

With a little creativity and attention to detail, anyone can style a little girl in Pattu pavadai and bring out her inner beauty and grace. Unique accessories can be used to style the ensemble in such a way to bring out the youthful energy of a little girl.

Presenting a Pavadai Sattai Mela at our Chennai showroom! Joyous occasions bring our little ones closer to traditions. Featuring the latest and brand-new collections, this Mela is here to spruce up your little ones' occasion-wear wardrobe. Visit our showroom to explore.

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