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What is Fabric Marbling?

by Sundari Silks 29 Oct 2021
What is Fabric Marbling?

Marbling is a centuries-old technique that involves paint, adhesives or any dispersant and water to create unique patterns on fabric, paper or any object. Paint is added to thickened water and allowed to float for some time. It is then manoeuvred into designs and then transferred to the object. The interesting fact about marbled patterns is that they are so difficult to recreate and hence they are used as a cover for important documents to prevent the document from being falsified.

The marbling technique was invented by the Japanese in the 12th century. It is known as Sumnagashi in Japan which translates to ‘floating paint’. A member of the Imperial family accidentally spilt paint into a tub of water. He noticed how paint floated on the surface and immersed a sheet of paper into the solution out of curiosity. He was fascinated by how the image was transferred to the paper creating a beautiful ripple effect. This led to the invention of marbling papers, fabrics and other products.

In the 15th century, Turkey developed a new marbling technique known as Ebru, which means "cloud art." Strong adhesives, such as gum or glue, were used with water in this approach, allowing the artists to add additional details to the artwork.

Types of Marbling

Stone Marbling

This is the most common pattern, and it is from this marbling effect all other designs are created.

Feather Marbling

The resulting patterns resemble the feathers of a bird, hence the name.

Unparalleled Marbling

This effect is achieved with the help of a comb. These patterns are made with a variety of combs with varying tooth sizes and spacing.



Stone marbling is applied to the fabric or paper first. The artist then creates distinctive patterns on it with toothpicks or threads.

Italian Marbling

Soap is used as the dispersant in this procedure, and the final pattern is extremely similar to Italian marble.

Our wide range of hand-marbled fabrics is marbled by an exclusive hand process that guarantees a unique design and colouring in every garment. They are crafted in silk, georgette and a variety of fabrics in a plethora of breezy and beautiful patterns. As you gain insight into these delightful drapes, you can simultaneously browse through the specially crafted collection of these featured drapes at Sundari Silks, where we seek to bring you the right blend of classic and contemporary styles.

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