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5 Classic Colour Palettes of Ganga Jamuna Sarees

by Sundari Silks 11 Mar 2023
5 Classic Colour Palettes of Ganga Jamuna Sarees

Every morning, a brilliant sun awakens the clouds with its smiling rays. In a slow and colourful transition, the clouds meet the depth of the darkness as they meet the night. Nature leads the path to harmony with nuances of contrasts hidden in every element, allowing us to breathe in the abundant life around us. As contrasting as day and night, the Ganga Jamuna borders introduced the world of weaves to a striking amalgamation of colours.

Ganga and Yamuna share a unifying bond, despite their unique traits influenced by the share of land that they run along. A pail of inspiration from these inseparable twins gave birth to the Ganga-Jamuna borders that stream across the Classic Silk Sarees of our country.

Often crafted on a canvas of solid white or black sarees, this world has witnessed many variations and renditions of this drape since its creation. Walk with us, through some notable combinations that are eternally in vogue.

Arakku and Green

An evergreen combination, sure to grace any auspicious event, is the Arakku maroon and forest green. Fondly sought after with the name: Segappu Karai and Pachai Karai, these colours strongly represent nature with their earthy tints.

Royal Rani Pink

The glossy lustre of Rani pink works brilliantly against an array of shades, bagging the title of best border colour. Owing to their grandeur and versatility, many sarees are woven with a pink border and pallu. In a Ganga Jamuna sequence, this shade bestows the ultimate contrast and blends well with the colour of the body.

Maroon and Mustard yellow

The classics are revered for their simplistic charm that rubs off on the wearer’s way of carrying the outfit. Drawing semblance from the divine couple - the kumkum and manjal, this combination adds a touch of class and sophistication to one’s final ensemble.

Yellow and Royal Blue

In a delightful sight, the saree’s shade ties seamlessly with the amalgamation of these primary colours. The youthful glow of royal blue and the happy tones of yellow spread hearty cheerfulness on special occasions.

Riveting Blacks

The intensity and depth of black bring life to any colour it is paired with, creating an imprinting impression. There are many combinations of Ganga-Jamuna borders that house shades of black. Some signature blends are Black-Green, Black-Maroon, Black-Mustard yellow, and Ash Black-Orange.

The traditional allure of the Ganga-Jamuna border makes it an essential addition to your wardrobe. They influence an effortless charm on special occasions with the dramatic contrast between the dual shades. Explore Gadwal Silk, Kanchipuram Silks, Pochampally Silk, and Cotton Sarees from our store or online at crafted with the timeless beauty of the Ganga-Jamuna Border.

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