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A guide to choosing sarees to wear for work

by Sundari Silks 21 Apr 2022
A guide to choosing sarees to wear for work

After the endless work-from-home days and virtual meetings, offices are finally opening up. So now is the time to slip out of your pyjamas and slip into outfits that will inspire you to get up, dress up, and conquer the day. And if this has got you thinking about what to wear and how to style, fret no more, because we’ve got you. For as long as one can remember, Sarees have always been preferred workwear by women as they are extremely versatile and elegant. So here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect office wear saree.


Type of Saree 

Physical comfort at work is important to stay productive and motivated for the entire day. The last thing you want to do is to adjust your clothes all day in the middle of a meeting, interview or presentation. Sarees such as Kanchi Cotton, Linen, Silk Cotton, Chettinad Cotton, Tussar and Raw Silk make a great choice as they carry an air of elegant rusticity through their unique texture and are also easy to drape. 


Colours and prints 

Colours play a defining role when it comes to choosing your workwear. Earthy tones (beige, brown, camel), pastel hues (pastel blue, pastel pink) and neutrals (white, black) are some of the best colours to wear to the office as they represent professionalism. You can also pick sarees in the shades of dark green, navy blue, emerald and dark purple. When it comes to prints you can choose sarees with small floral prints, geometric patterns or simple embroidered motifs. Ajrakh, Kalamkari and Ikat are a few patterns that must definitely be a part of your workwear wardrobe. We recommend you to avoid vibrant colours and big prints as they look informal. 




Another key element that requires attention while styling your workwear is the blouse. High neck, collar neck, boat neck and halter neck are a few necklines you can experiment with. For the sleeves, you can opt for raglan sleeves, 3/4th sleeves or full sleeves. If you are wearing a solid colour saree, team it up with Printed Blouses and vice versa.



Jewellery and accessories add a little sparkle and will make your every day a little more magical. If understated elegance is your kind of game, Oxidised Silver Jewellery, terracotta and stone jewellery are just perfect for you. A thin gold chain and stud will also work wonders with your office ensemble. Pay attention to your nail paint, makeup and hairstyle as well. Finally, pair your saree with a formal watch and a comfortable pair of footwear, and you are all set for the day! 


At Sundari Silks we have a great collection of Workwear Sarees that exude both comfort and sophistication. Elevate your otherwise typical day by draping yourself in one of these 9 to 5 sarees. You can explore our latest additions at

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