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A Journey with Anita Ratnam: Through Passion, Dance & Silk

by Sundari Silks 26 Aug 2023
A Journey with Anita Ratnam: Through Passion, Dance & Silk

In the grand tapestry of our 25-year journey, there are threads that hold a special significance, threads woven by individuals who have shared their inspiring stories. Today, as we mark this milestone, we shine the spotlight on the exceptional journey of Mrs. Anita Ratnam!

Embarking on a Dance Odyssey: From Spotlight to Stardom

From her earliest days, the stage seemed to beckon her with an irresistible allure. Born to shine, she embraced the spotlight with a fervour that only grew with time. School and college became her platforms, where acting and dancing became the conduits for her creativity. The music of dance and the rhythm of life found a harmonious blend within her, nurtured by a mother who had a deep-seated passion for the classical arts.

“All the strands of my learning, - English literature, History, music, Dance Theory and Practice, Theatre, Film and Philosophy. - are all like a warp and weft of a complicated design. They all led me to this point where I am a performer and an arts Entrepreneur.” - Anita Ratnam

A Pioneer's Spirit: Navigating Tradition & Innovation

Hailing from a lineage of pioneering entrepreneurs, she carried the spirit of innovation in her veins. Returning to India after 15 years in the USA, she longed to do more for the arts than just dance. And thus, the idea of Narthaki was born. A simple phone book of dancers and allied arts transformed into a dynamic directory that not only celebrated the dance community but also marked the advent of a new era. NARTHAKI - a tribute to dance and art, a trailblazing endeavour that went beyond geographical boundaries and limitations. This journey is a testimony to her unwavering passion for the arts, a commitment that led her to innovate, create, and carve a niche through NEO BHARATAM.

Beyond the Stage: A Symphony of Fashion and Individuality

When the curtains fall and the spotlight dims, her individuality shines through her signature style. A collector by heart, she adorns herself with treasures gathered from every corner of the world. The fusion of Traditional Silks with contemporary designs is her canvas, where she creates an ensemble that resonates with her vibrant spirit. Beyond the stage, her creativity takes form in the transformation of old silk saris into quilted coats, stoles, and even household items, reimagining tradition for the modern world.

A Journey Stitched with Elegance: Sundari Silks and the Art of Weaving Dreams

Her journey with Sundari Silks is an ode to craftsmanship, authenticity, and heritage. Stepping into the world of silk and splendour, she found a symphony that resonated with her soul. Her earliest memory, a tapestry woven by her mother's exquisite taste, ignited a love for organic materials like silk, Linen, cotton, and khadi. At Sundari Silks, she discovered a collaborator that shared her values, a place where passion and dedication melded into the creation of exquisite saris that adorned her most cherished moments.

“My favourite SUNDARI SILKS sari is an emerald green and navy blue sari that I wore in 1996 to receive an award from the former honourable Chief MInister K KARUNANIDHI at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha”

In a world where every drape holds a story, she envisions a universe where everyone dances to their own rhythm, adorned in the splendour of a Sundari Silks sari.

On our 25th anniversary, we extend our deepest admiration to you, Mrs. Anita Ratnam. As we celebrate tradition, innovation, and the tapestry of shared dreams, your presence remains an indelible part of our narrative. Here's to 25 years of elegance, creativity, and the timeless allure of Indian craftsmanship.

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