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Between the luxurious lines of Kanchipuram

by Sundari Silks 27 Nov 2020
Between the luxurious lines of Kanchipuram

Rich gold brocades paired with colourful contrasting borders are the hallmarks of a Kanchipuram weave. This masterpiece is brought to life by a knotting and interlocking technique called 'Korvai' that seamlessly blends the body and pallu. This merger makes way for many interesting designs and patterns that are heavily inspired by the architecture of South India.

The colour combinations and design directory of Kanchipuram are as vivid, vibrant and versatile as the landscape itself. It holds amidst the wefts and warps the power to convey a cultural legacy that has endured the test of time. The expertise and expressions of the weavers translate to a gamut of magnificent patterns, of which the most beloved being the checks and stripes. From the bold and beautiful blocks of colour to broads bands and pinstripes dancing across the six yards to charming checkerboards that house eminent motifs, the visual is powerful and passionate. Geometrical precision with an underlying force of creativity results in endless options and are brought to life by age-old weaving techniques that are passed down through generations. Join us as we travel back in time through these six yards of elegance and explore the defining weaving patterns which hold a special place in many auspicious events and the hearts of the wearers.

Vaira Oosi

Vaira Oosi literally translates to "diamond needle" and are needle-thin stripes are woven entirely in zari. In a Traditional Kanchipuram Weave, it runs parallel to the border lending a lustrous and luxurious feel.


Palum Pazhamum

Palum Pazhamum translates to "milk and fruit" and is a vibrant checkered pattern that became highly popular during the 1960s. While its traditional colour combination includes red, yellow and green, many varied versions have evolved along with time.


Muthu Kattam

Muthu Kattam is an all-time favourite pattern made of evenly spaced tiny white sequential squares that are said to resemble pearls. In contrast to the vibrant body colour, this pattern is woven with white silk threads and adds textural layers to the saree.



An evergreen classic, veldhari is a wavy line and dot pattern that resembles a traditional kolam drawn outside South-Indian households.

Usually woven on the warp of the saree, this geometric design is preferred for both its aesthetic appeal as well as auspicious connotations.


 A Kanchipuram saree is renowned for its shimmer and lustre. But until about 80 years back, the trademark zarigai (gold thread work) did not exist. It was only made possible after the advent of the adai (pattern harness), which enabled the creation of figurative motifs using zarigai.


 Another key component to a Kanchipuram Saree is the three shuttle weave, an ancient technique that interlocks the zari border on both ends, such that even if the saree tears the border will not detach. The aesthetics of a Kanchipuram silk saree is such that it can suit the mood for a variety of events and amongst generations of woman. The abundant use of zari in this weave along with all the symbolic connotations lends it a status of grandeur and grace. Through our myriad collections of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, Sundari Silks seeks to preserve our country's indigenous weaving techniques and give them a global platform.


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