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Brides of Sundari - Muhurtha Pattu Inspirations

by Sundari Silks 24 Mar 2023
Brides of Sundari - Muhurtha Pattu Inspirations

Silk Sarees hold an otherworldly significance in weddings, with their intricate weaves and ethereal sheen casting a spell over all who behold them. Each saree is imbued with deep symbolism, representing prosperity, purity, and the divine feminine. Choosing one’s Bridal Saree is a memorable journey with the whole family indulging in a world of Kanjivarams and its myriad motifs and zari. When draped around the bride, the silk saree transforms into a sacred attire, infusing her with the power of the divine. In this blog, we share some wedding saree inspirations to create striking bridal impressions.

Dhinakaran and Kousalya

Tradition and heritage shone at their brightest when Kousalya adorned herself in a classic red Kanjivaram for her Muhurtham. The saree gleams with a brocade of rich zari work, flowing all through the sleeves of her blouse. Kousalya has let the zari shine with a minimal yet divine coin work in her Muhurtham blouse. All eyes were fixed on the bride as she created a pretty pink ensemble for the reception, with a rose pink Kanjivaram paired with a floral Embroidered Blouse.

Dhinakaran, her better-half  has equally matched her traditional ensemble with a classic cream Silk Dhoti and Angavastram.

Lekha and Ganesh

From the monochrome look to the contrasting Kanjivaram, vibrant colors were the evident theme at Lekha and Ganesh’s wedding. The happy couple, on the cusp of a journey to cherish for a lifetime, has suitably gone for matching attires for the reception. The peacock blue shines beautifully against their gleeful smiles. Lekha has paired it with a monochromatic blouse with statement motif embroidery in the sleeves. She is equally a vision, adorned in a mustard yellow Kanjivaram and a contrasting hot pink blouse. Lekha has embellished her blouse with coin work on the neck and the sleeves!

Balaji and Srinidhi

The visually striking decor, the divine Thirumangalyam, the Bride’s traditional ensemble, and her smile. A golden glow radiated all through the mandap at the wedding of Balaji and Srinidhi. She has chosen the time-honoured hues of red for her wedding day with a monochrome look and a contrasting drape with emerald green. The Mugappu design in her blouse is a true inspiration as it beautifully adds flair to her traditional stack of gold jewellery.

Silk Sarees in weddings are a tapestry of mysticism, weaving together ancient customs and beliefs into a vibrant fabric. These exquisite weaves are steeped in symbolism, with their intricate designs and luxuriously silken with purity, prosperity, and the divine. Explore the world of Kanchipuram Silks that enriches every traditional nuance on your wedding day.

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