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Creative ways to upcycle old fabrics for a fun home decor

by Sundari Silks 31 Dec 2021
Creative ways to upcycle old fabrics for a fun home decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we are all quite excited to see what 2022 has in store for us. When cleaning your wardrobe this holiday season, you might find a lot of your unused and old clothes which are not in a good condition to be donated and fit to be discarded. Why not upcycle these old clothes into something new instead? In today’s blog, we will walk you through some easy home decor ideas using your old Kurtas and Sarees.

Cushion Covers

The best way to make use of clothes that are slightly worn off or torn is to make cushion covers out of them. Choose prints such as Ikat, Kalamkari or Batik to give your living room an ethnic touch. Pick colours that will complement the colour of your sofa and walls. If you're feeling creative, you can stitch square cut-outs of solid fabrics together with cut-outs of printed fabrics. It will create an interesting chess board-like design that is both desi and quirky at the same time.

cushion cover cushion cover

Image source: Pinterest

Table covers, placement mats and napkins

One of the simplest use of old sarees is to convert them as table covers. Pick any subtle Cotton Saree or vibrant silk fabric for the table cover. If it looks too plain and simple, you can stitch miniature floral embroidery motifs across the saree. Cover it with a transparent table cloth to protect it from stains caused by spilt food and drinks. Since the table cover is in one solid colour, choose a fabric with Indian prints for the placement mats and napkins so that they add a pop of colour to your dining table.

table mate runner

Image source: Pinterest

Wall Hangings

There are a few clothing items that may hold a sentimental value and you might not want to throw them away. It may remind you of someone who gave it to you or it may have belonged to a loved one who has passed away. In Indian culture, upcycling has always been a part of life. To date, the newborn is wrapped in their grandmother or great grandmothers old sarees and put to sleep.

We have got another use for those cherished garments. You can frame the fabric as a whole and display it as a wall hanging. You can also embellish them with tassels, embroidery and mirrors.

If you have a lot of kurtas that are not in a wearable condition, cut square pieces of the fabric and frame them individually or together. This may be a fun gallery look for your space.

wall decore wall decore

Image source: Pinterest

Bed Canopies and Curtains

If you want to make your bedroom look cosier and desi, put up some easy-breezy bed canopies. You can use old bandhani, Georgette Sarees, or even your Dupattas for this. Curtains on the other hand complete a room. For the curtains, repurpose one of your soft cotton sarees or any flowy Chiffon Sarees with a similar colour palette to your room walls and furniture.

curtain canopy

Image source: Pinterest

These are a few ideas to reuse and repurpose your old garments. If you are looking for some Ethnic Decor and Accessories to go with your newly decorated room, browse through our repertoire of indigenous handicrafts and artefacts. Be it wedding favours, celebratory gifts or corporate event souvenirs, we believe that meaningful gifts translate into memories of a lifetime. From product customisation to bulk orders, we are a one-stop destination for all your ethnic gifting needs. For enquiries and orders, write to us at or give us a call on +91 9176280099.

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