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How to look stylish and comfortable in maternity wear

by Sundari Silks 18 Mar 2022
How to look stylish and comfortable in maternity wear

Pregnancy is a bittersweet journey in a woman’s life. During the pregnancy, the body size keeps changing and you no longer fit into your old clothes. This calls for a whole new wardrobe. However, a common myth associated with maternity clothing is that you cannot look both stylish and comfortable at the same time. Here is a guide to help you look fashionable in maternity clothes. 



The right kinds of fabrics for maternity wear are cotton and rayon as they emphasize your baby bump and also allow you to move around freely. Cotton is breathable and stretches easily to fit your growing bump. It does not cling and hence you can wear it for long hours without any discomfort. Rayon on the other hand looks luxuriant, is wrinkle-free and also has great moisture-absorbing capacity. They are the best choice to wear for your baby shower or any events you attend during your pregnancy. 




A common mistake made by many soon-to-be mommies is shopping for regular clothes in a size or two bigger than what they usually wear. Such dresses will be ill-fitting and make you feel uncomfortable. During pregnancy only your waist size will increase whereas your other proportions will remain the same. So for instance, if you are a size S and you buy a size L from the regular clothing section, the dress is going to be tight around the waist and droop at the shoulders. Hence look for maternity clothes in size S or M as they will accommodate and accentuate your body in the right manner. 



Neckline and hemline 

The most flattering neckline for pregnant women is the V-neck. Gathers, drawstrings and ruching in the right places will also add a beautiful profile to your outfits and give you an overall balanced silhouette. The length of your hemlines is also a great way to enhance your entire look. Uneven lengths at ankle or knee level will create an interesting asymmetry while you flaunt the bump. 



Patterns, colours and layering 

While solid colours look great on all pregnant women, you can also experiment with moderately sized prints and floral designs for a cheerful vibe. Choose colours which will make you feel happy and positive. If you would like to layer an outfit, make sure it complements the top or dress you are wearing. You can opt for capes, kimonos, ponchos or blazers and they will add a new dimension to your overall look. 



At Sundari Silks, we have a great collection of maternity wear and kaftans which will make you look both stylish and comfortable. You can browse through our collection at
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