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How to style a white saree ?

by Sundari Silks 21 Dec 2021
How to style a white saree ?

A solid white saree is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. The colour white is a huge emotion in itself and signifies purity, innocence and peace. Solid colour drapes, especially white sarees are extremely versatile and provide a platform for each individual to reflect their style and persona through the way they drape it. In this blog, we will walk you through a few ideas on how to style a white saree.


Winter brings with it a breeze of cold air and the holiday season mood, which can be perfectly summed up by donning a cool jacket over your drape. Mix and match your white saree with a denim jacket for casual occasions and a brocade jacket for functions. You can also pair them up with kimonos or blazers.


Image source: Pinterest


Mesmerizing swirls of palettes that have been tied and dyed in a plethora of patterns always make for an interesting addition to an ensemble. Add charm to your solid white sarees with a contrasting coloured dupatta. You can opt for a Banarasi woven shawl or any Jaipur/Kalamkari printed cotton dupattas for this mix-and-match approach. Pin the dupatta on the right side of your shoulder, and carry it on your forearm. Another interesting way to drape the dupatta is like a scarf and it will give you a playful yet poised look.



There is no better way to slay a white saree than buckling it up with a waist belt. The belt can be made of the same material as that of your blouse or you can pair it with a leather belt or kutch work belt which will help to elevate your whole look.


Image source: Pinterest


The beauty of a white saree is that it can be worn with different kinds of blouses. For a chic and breezy look, pair your drapes with a turtle neck sweatshirt, an oversized t-shirt or a crop top. If you want to sport an ethnic look, opt for blouses with prints such as Ajrakh, Kalamkari, Ikat or Pichwai painted blouses. You can also add your own spin by pairing them up with shimmery gold or sequined silver blouses. If you are wearing a white silk saree, pair them up with a contrast coloured brocade blouse which will add up the prettiness quotient. Click here to have a look at some ravishing necklines for sarees.


Sneakers and Bohemian Jewellery

Sneakers and saree get along pretty well especially for New Year's Eve when you have to dance all night. White converse shoes are a great way to add a sporty look to any kind of saree. You can also experiment by wearing boots or neon coloured shoes with your white sarees. Swap the usual oxidised silver jewellery with bohemian jewellery which will add a pop of colour to your outfit.

sneakerbohemian jewellery

Image source: Pinterest

At Sundari Silks we have a plethora of white sarees in cotton, silk, linen etc. Do try out these styling tips and tag us on Instagram @sundari_silks. Keep watching this space for more styling tips.

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