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Ravishing neckline designs for this festive season

by Sundari Silks 15 Oct 2021
Ravishing neckline designs for this festive season

Every woman in India undoubtedly wishes for a blouse that fits like a dream. A well-fitted blouse has multiple teaming possibilities with different attires and can help create a distinctive look every time. It is not necessary that you need a heavy embellished blouse for every occasion. By playing around with a few neckline designs you can achieve a sophisticated and elegant look. Here are some timeless blouse styles that can help you stand out this festive season

Halter Neck

Halter neck creates a chic and cheery look. You can pair your Chanderi, Cotton and Ajrakh weave with bright printed halter neck blouses. Take your styling game up a notch by accessorising with bohemian style jewellery and fresh flowers.

Halter Neck

Boat Neck

A boat neck blouse is always in vogue. Reinvent and give a fresh look to your Kanchipuram silk sarees by pairing them with a contemporary boat neck blouse and unconventional jewellery pieces. Add your own touch and flavour with the sleeve length to give a stylish spin on the classic attire.

Boat Neck

High Neck

The fashion fiestas of the 80s and 90s are making a comeback today. Right from the puff sleeves to high neck blouses there bold and beautiful trends are a testament to being to have the best of both worlds. High neck blouses like close collared, Chinese collar, peter-pan blouses are extremely versatile and helps each individual reflect their style and persona through the way they wear them. These blouses can be paired with sarees, jeans, skirts, lehengas and is a must-have in your wardrobe.

High Neck

Cape style and jackets

With colder days ahead of us, it is a perfect opportunity to add some fun layers to your outfit. Pair your drapes with a colourful jacket or a cape style blouse to give a modern approach to a traditional saree. These blouses look best when paired with a jamdani saree, Mangalagiri saree or pashmina weaves.

These are a few blouse neck ideas that we think will have you make an evergreen style statement. If you try any of these styles, share your version by using the hashtag #SundariAndYou and we would love to feature you on our social media handle.

At Sundari Silks, we have a range of readymade blouses in different prints which can be paired with all your ethnic weaves. We also have our in-house customisation and tailoring unit - Alankara, where every blouse is hand-stitched and crafted to perfection. Each of our blouses is marked not only by technical mastery but by the infusion of handcrafted and thoughtful designs.

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