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Manjal Kumkumam Collection 2020

by Sundari Silks 22 May 2020
Manjal Kumkumam Collection 2020

The air reverberates with auspicious musical medleys. The fragrance of fresh flowers and sweet treats envelop you in a warm embrace. The colours of the diyas and decorations are a delight to your eyes. And in this instance, you're transported back to a very special occasion, a sacred ceremony and a joyous festivity.
To recreate this magical feeling, we at Sundari Silks put together a yearly collection of subtle yet grand drapes, whose pleats are woven with symbolic motifs and patterns in celebratory shades, making it the perfect pick for a multitude of ceremonies and wedding rituals.
This signature Manjal Kumkumam annual collection represents the spirit of every sacred occasion and festivity, through the auspicious colours of kumkuma red, arakku, maragadha pachai or pasu manjal, and traditional weaving styles that define the season. The beloved collection has become synonymous with our design language and has over the years found a special place in our customers' wardrobes and hearts.

One of the auspicious symbols for a married woman is the application of Kumkum or Sindhoor either in the centre of her forehead or the upper forehead, between the parting of her hair.
The relationship between Manjal and Kumkumam is symbiotic. Pure kumkum is obtained from a base of unadulterated turmeric powder, mixed with lemon and camphor. Turmeric or Manjal comes from below the earth, so has the power of absorption and personification of tolerance.
Prepared with great care and faith, it gives auspiciousness to the wearer. Applying kumkum between the two eyebrows where the agna-chakra is located, is said to give additional strength.

Our customs and rituals not only add value to life but are also essential tools in forming the connection with oneself. These rituals have their foundations based on scientific spirituality and wearing silks for special occasions provide us with the experience of our true identity.
Practical and multi-functional, this Manjal Kumkumam collection has always stood the testament of a classic style preferred by yester-year customers, and loved by the new generation too!

The sheer beauty of these sarees with its jewel-toned colours enriched with threads of gold will have a special place in your wardrobe. This collection is a tribute to all the graceful elegant women!
Check out our special weaves of this edition, which has been an intimate part of our journey and is extremely close to our hearts.


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