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Nature’s Guide to a Colourful Pongal

by Sundari Silks 13 Jan 2023
Nature’s Guide to a Colourful Pongal

The most awaited Pongal festival is here! Each year gifts us generously with four days of celebration to create cherishable memories for a lifetime. The Thai Masam arrives, and the Margazhi’s signature rangolis are given a grand sendoff with a spectrum of colours during Pongal.

The festival celebrates a bountiful harvest after the winter season. It is the perfect time to extend our gratitude to the Sun god, the produce, and the cattle for blessing our lives in abundance. The excitement shows itself in a beautifully decorated house with the Mavailai Thoranams, Flower Hangings, and Arisi Mavu Kolams. It comes alive in a rainbow of vivid colours adorning the whole family with new attires.

Celebrated for more than 2000 years, it is truly remarkable how our traditions carve the windows to a rich history. From seasonal foods to the shift in our wardrobe, each custom is crafted to cheerfully welcome the nuances of a new season.

The simplistic elegance and comfort of Raw Silk and Cotton are ideal for this season, and the colours add to the grandeur. Here’s how you can incorporate these beautiful colours in your weaves this Pongal season!

The Warm Yellow

Pongal is a festival of warmth and gratitude with traditions revolving around the Sun god. A yellow saree shines like the early morning sun rays, ever so radiant and warm. It captures the essence of the festivities with a golden hue.

The Lush Green

A symbol of prosperity, green is always pleasant to the eyes. It sings of a farmer’s dream and the richness of a land. Paint your Pongal with a colour that celebrates the bountiful harvest of Thai.

The Sweet Sugarcane

An enigma of beautiful produce, the sugarcane carries abundant sugar and happiness. Take inspiration from the dark purple shade of sugarcane to style your Saree!

The Pure White

A delicacy made of rice, the Venn Pongal is refreshing to our eyes as it generously flows out of the contrasting earthen pot. The Arisi Maavu kolams in front of the house invite the tiny ants for a feast. A white saree to celebrate your inner child that keeps the traditions alive with excitement.

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