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Saree styling ideas and tips

by Sundari Silks 07 Dec 2022
Saree styling ideas and tips

Gone are the days when a saree was reserved exclusively for special occasions. With the changing times, the palettes, patterns and pleats of saree have also evolved making it a preferred pick for any and every occasion. The beauty of a saree is that it can be styled in different ways to create a new look every time. In this week’s blog, we have 4 saree styling ideas, for four different occasions.  Keep watching this space for a few saree styling ideas, you can take inspiration from.

The Wedding Guest Look

Hours before the wedding evenings are when most wardrobe experiments are born, for these occasions make for a perfect opportunity to adopt newer draping styles, or pair our beloved Kanchipuram Sarees with contemporary blouses.

We have chosen a Black and White Kanjivaram Saree for this look. A stylish spin on a classic colour combination is bound to make you stand out.

The focus is on innovation in terms of blouse design in this styling. While a lot of emphasis is given to conventional accessories like Jewellery, handbags and shoes, we have simply paired this saree with a deep neckline blouse which comes with long sleeves made of organza. The Organza Fabric wraps you in an air of elegance and reflects a powerful feminine allure.

The statement Silver Jhumkas add flair and complement the entire look.

The Party Look

We have put together a simple party look for the upcoming holiday season. The soft dreamy colour palette of the saree is refreshing and we wanted to achieve a style which conveys relaxed elegance. So we paired this Traditional Kanjivaram Silk Saree with an asymmetrical blouse which helps create an elongated and slimming effect. In addition, the front tie-up on the blouse adds a delicate oomph factor. These small nuances are the stars of this look.

Since the blouse is the showstopper, we accessorized it with simple oxidized silver jewellery studded with turquoise stones. The jewellery adds a pop of colour to the entire look.

The Sunday Brunch Look

Of the plethora of Draping Styles and combinations available, there are few that cater to all occasions: A corporate brunch party, a casual evening dinner with family or a wedding evening. When dining out with friends, we seek effortless pieces that do not compromise our style. This quick and easy Sunday brunch styling is all you need to sport a soigne and sophisticated look.

Over here, we have paired an ivory-shade saree with a contrasting orange blouse. The boat neckline instantly adds a stylish appeal to the saree.

To accessorize, we chose a pair of chandabali earrings, a silver bracelet and a ring, with a high ponytail and subtle makeup to balance the overall look.

The Board Meeting Look

Open pallu drape is a classic style statement that lends a slender silhouette to the wearer. It reflects confidence and is a great choice for board meetings and corporate events.

To achieve a professional look, we teamed up a Double-Shade Silk Saree with a contrasting high-neck blouse. The long puff sleeves on the blouse give a formal and stylish appearance.

The look is further elevated with a statement black leather belt which cinches at the waist. You can play around with different kinds of belts such as metallic, fancy or sleek, depending on the saree.

Finally, we have completed the look with inverted triangle danglers, a black stone ring and a high ponytail.

While trends come and go, how you interpret them stays on with you forever, as your personal style statement. If you try any of these styling ideas, send your pictures to us. Tag us using the hashtag #SundariAndYou and we would love to feature you on our social media page.

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