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The Beautiful Blossoms of Spring

by Sundari Silks 25 Feb 2023
The Beautiful Blossoms of Spring

Fresh dew slides along the thin grass, stepping onto the lush earth for the first time. The lovely birds sit on a fully grown tree, they chirp and koo their favourite songs. The spring season is here to embrace us in a warm hug, breathing new life into everything in its path. Stop to smell the flowers and feel the smile of the pleasant spring season.

Flowers ornament a widely spread canvas of lush greens and majestic skies. In a way, they are magical because every time they elicit the same level of enthusiasm among admirers. Integral essence of nature, the flowers hold the survival of several species within their gentle petals.

The multitude of colours appeals to the senses, instantly uplifting our mood. They are paramount to all customs and traditions across India and the World. The femininity of flowers deeply influences the weaves from our country. Allow us to take you through the world of weaves that draws inspiration from the flowers of India.

The Divine Lotus

Sitting on a muddy pond, the lotus flower or Thamarai is a symbol of great significance in India. It has been used in various aspects of Indian culture for thousands of years. Considered the most sacred of plants, a lotus is often associated with purity, enlightenment, and rebirth.

The Vivid Bougainvillea

Integral to the landscape of Indian cities, the Bougainvillea is fondly known as the paper poo in Tamil Nadu. Its vibrant petals are delicate to the touch, but they have the ability to thrive in difficult conditions. This is seen as a metaphor for the resilience of the Indian people. The flower instantly beautifies a setting with its rainbow of vivid hues. Chiffon Sarees perfectly capture the soul of a beautifully bloomed bougainvillaea.

The Ornate Marigolds

In India, a marigold is known as "Genda" and is a symbol of purity, beauty, and prosperity. Marigold flowers are also used to make garlands, which are used to decorate homes, temples, and other public spaces. Its association with the sun and various deities has made it an important part of religious ceremonies and cultural traditions.

The Beautiful Roses

"Roses, Roses, Roses, I thank all the roses that bloom in the spring." - Andy Willams

The rose, a timeless representation of love, exhibits its beauty and scent in a variety of hues. In spite of its widespread use, it still stands out in a garden of flowers and is consistently regarded as everyone's favourite. The delicate petals lend the flower endless grace and beauty.

The Golden Sunflowers

A sunflower's smiling yellow immediately releases a torrent of joy. The bliss of spring is perfectly complemented by its sunny charm.

Flowers display nature’s work of art, making us wonder about the beauty of creation. Delve into the spirit of the spring season with imprinting renditions of flowers on a canvas of sarees. The elegant weaves are further elevated with the presence of floral buttas and borders in a variety of hues.
Awe-inspired by the beauty of flowers, we have crafted a wide selection of weaves for you to explore. Browse through our website or visit our showrooms in Chennai and Mumbai and celebrate the never ending love of flowers!

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