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The Splendour Of Shibori

by Sundari Silks 26 Jun 2020
The Splendour Of Shibori

The ancient art form that binds India and Japan is Shibori. The word comes from "shiboru", which means " to wring or squeeze." This traditional Japanese technique originated during the 7th century and involves tie-dyeing fabrics by crumpling, twisting, stitching and folding it in several ways to create beautiful patterns. It is similar to the resist-dyeing techniques practised by the bandhani artists of Kutch and Jamnagar in Gujarat. The only difference is in the colours, where Bandhani has vibrant hues and Shibori has subtle shades.
The wonderful thing about Shibori is that the patterns blend well in any kind of fabric, from the finest silk to the softest cotton. An enigma in itself, the process of manipulating the fabric to make breathtaking designs lies in the shaping and binding technique. The cloth is treated as a three-dimensional surface where pieces of string are used to tie the cloth and are later dyed. After it dries, the strings are cut and the result is a myriad of shape-resisted, beautiful Shibori patterns. Each pattern is unique as it's not possible to be completely accurate with the tying process. Certain areas of the fabric have more dye than the others. This bound-resist dyeing process is what the Japanese concept recognizes and explores.

In India, Shibori was first introduced by Rabindranath Tagore, who was passionate about reviving the traditional arts and crafts of our country. During the 1960s there was a significant amount of cross-cultural influence between India and Japan, as a result of which the 2nd International Shibori Symposium was held in Ahmedabad in 1997.
Shibori sarees radiate class, comfort and perfection and give a sense of completeness when worn. Imprinted on various textures like cotton, silk, chiffon and georgette, it adds unparalleled style value. The special characteristic of a shibori weave is its soft and subtle pattern that is full of expression with an element of the unexpected in every warp and weft.
Regardless of whether you pick a weave in exquisite silk, contemporary cotton or alluring chiffon, it is certain to be the statement drape in your wardrobe. Choose this stunning ensemble from Sundari Silk's exclusive Shibori saree collection to cast an enduring charm for any special occasion.


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